Lotus Ecostay (418, tulip love)

lotus ecostay When talk about lipsticks, first fear among ladies is its purity and ingredients being used in it. To get rid of such awes lotus ecostay (418, tulip love) long lasting lip colour is presented to keep your lips beautiful but in a safe manner. When you use lip colour of lotus, you don’t need to worry about any type of harm to your lips. It is a 100% vegetarian lip colour that contains no such chemicals that can harm your lip or health. You can apply this lip colour to give a beautiful touch to your lips without worrying about the side effects.

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Benefits of Applying Lotus Ecostay(418, Tulip Love) Long Lasting Lip Colour

  • It is available in almost every beautiful colour that every lady wants to pick. Ladies often have different or particular choice about a nice colour of lipstick. Lotus offers them all colours without confusion.
  • Natural oil present in this lipstick provides your lips a shiny, creamy and luscious appearance that forces everybody to focus on the beauty of your lips.
  • Its consistency is very smooth that can be experienced when you apply it on your lips. Moreover, you don’t need to swipe it again and again for a nice colour. Just once swipe is enough and your lips are ready to grab attention for whole day.

Advantages Lotus Ecostay Lip Colour Provides

  1. This lip colour is smudge proof that stays for long. You can apply it once a day and you don’t need to go for touch up again and again.
  2. Due to its enriched water base it provides complete moisture to your lips and don’t let them remain sticky.
  3. Natural ingredients present in this lipstick not only provide your lips a beautiful and attractive look, but work as a natural protector for your lips that prevent your lips from dullness, dryness and getting black.

Indications You Need To Apply Lotus lip Colour

  • If you have lip problems such as dry and dull lips, or black lips, then you should try lotus lip colour to change your lips appearance entirely.
  • If your regular lipstick not suiting the skin your lips and doesn’t stay for long, then the lotus lip colour can prove beneficial for you. It can serve two tasks like one side, it can help your lips to remain healthy and second side, it help you look gorgeous for an entire day without touch ups.

Buy Lotus Ecostay (418, tulip love)

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Directions ForApplying It Correctly

There is nothing special to follow to apply this lipstick. Just take care your lips are clean before applying this lip colour. One swipe in a day is enough. Yes, this lipstick stays for long and applying it once can work for the entire day.

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