Lotus Herbal Cocomoist Moisturizer

Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Moisturizer summer makes our skin undernourished. We cannot wear heavy moisturizer, it makes our skin greasy. But this summer is different say no to undernourished dull skin and welcome bright & vibrant skin, Lotus Herbals Cocomoist lets you experience the touch of nature’s supreme care. Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Cocoa-butter Moisturizing Lotion is all in one moisturizing lotion that helps achieve silky, soft, and smooth skin. This formula is enriched with goodness of cocoa butter, rose water, almond oil and honey. Altogether these ingredients are excellent moisturizing agents for dry skin. This Lotus Herbals Coco moist Cocoa-butter Moisturizing Lotion is meant to use on normal to dry skin. Let’s check out how much I liked this product and if it was that “perfect lotion”.

Benefits of lotus herbal Cocomoist

Lotus herbal Cocomoist moisturizer is a perfect moisturizer for this summer and monsoon season, it is a light texture moisturizer and one of the best moisturizer for people having oily skin. The light texture of lotus herbal Cocomoist makes it super easy to get absorbed into the skin. Having not so thick consistency absorbed into the skin with a minute.
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Advantages that you get from herbal Cocomoist

  • It is not greasy at all, so it doesn’t leave any trace of stickiness.
  • The light texture of Lotus herbal Cocomoist ensures you that it will not breakout when worn throughout the day.
  • It gets immersed by the skin quickly because of its light texture. So, the people who want to apply their moisturizer quickly, before makeup, and not have to worry about waiting for the skin to absorb it.
  • Great mixture of ingredients used – cocoa butter, honey, rose water and almond oil. All of these ingredients are great for skin and enhances the texture of the skin.
  • It comes with a pump packaging which makes it hygienic; the pump dispenser dispenses the right amount of product. No contamination of the product.

Indications Of Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Moisturizer

This product is readily available in the market for customers, which sufficiently adds a bright and fresh look to your skin. It tells you that moisturizers are not only a part of your skin care product but it is a necessity of your skin, to make them look fresh and young.
It’s one of those few moisturizers which come across to do their job well and is affordable and easily available. When using this product you will understand about the water based moisturizers and why they are better than oil based moisturizers.

Buy Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Lotion 80 ml

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Direction of usage Of Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Moisturizer

Apply it all over the neck and face in dots and Smoothen it till the skin absorbs it.It is ideal to apply it in blend with safe sun Sunscreen gel/lotion/Cream.Use the product regularly in morning and evening for the best visible results.

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