Lotus Herbal Vanilla Therapy

lotus herbal vanilla therapyOur lips have to endure so much during the day. Every single day, lips have to endure food, drinks and even the harsh weather. Especially in winters, they end up enduring so much that they give out and start chapping. The harsh winter winds crack them whilst food brings spices and other ingredients in touch. Even when we are out in the sun, they lose moisture and their colour really easily. So, to avoid all these issues, we have vanilla therapy for lips. This therapy from lotus herbals is easily the most effective for regaining and retaining healthy and supple lips. Let us take a look at the benefits of using this therapy.
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Benefits of using Vanilla therapy

  • There are myriads of benefits. The balm helps in rehydrating dry lips. This means it induces moisture to the lips that has been lost due to weather.
  • In addition to this, it helps in healing as well. as aforementioned, lips have to endure a lot during the day. They require proper attention and care to heal. And lotus herbal vanilla therapy is best when it comes to healing dry or chapped lips.
  • Moreover, it helps in protecting them against weather, food and the occasional dose of spices as well. our food can be spicy containing different spices so with vanilla therapy, your lips are secured and protected with regular application.
  • It helps in rejuvenating as well. As the product is herbal, the natural ingredients have rejuvenating properties which help in adding life to the lips as well.

Advantages of using Lotus herbals vanilla therapy

  1. The product has excellent vanilla fragrance. As the product is to be applied on lips for every single day, it needs to have a pleasant fragrance so that you feel good about applying the same on your lips.
  2. The product is one hundred percent safe as it is herbal and contains only natural ingredients. This implies that you do not need to worry even if you accidentally taste this balm.
  3. Vanilla therapy contains shea butter and kokum butter. Both the constituents are healthy moisturisers. This means they help in rendering the lips really supple and soft. They soften the skin and add oodles of moisture to make sure that your lips stay moisturised throughout the day.
  4. The lip balm also contains SPF which takes care of the lips if you are under the sun. the balm stays on for good 3 to 4 hours which means you do not have to apply it every now and then.

Indications for using Vanilla therapy

Dry and chapped lips. Works wonders for normal lips as well.

Buy Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy – Vanilla 4 gm

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Directions for applying Vanilla therapy

Make sure that you roll the balm stick evenly on your lips.

Frequency Of Application of Vanilla Therapy

Usually twice a day. Morning and evening.

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