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Lotus Herbals Fairgel Liquorice and Green Tea Fairness Gel

Lotus Herbals FairgelLotus herbals are one of the well-known Indian brands in the skin care and cosmetic industry. The products from this company are claimed to be natural and all the ingredients used in it is herbal. Lately the company has launched a Lotus herbal fairgel which comes along with Liquorice and green tea. With this product, user can enjoy lovely and fair skin, never like before. It is appropriate for all skin types. One of the best things about the product is it is available in affordable price range and is available hugely in local shopping malls and online store.

This product comes in the market in a transparent bottle which has a pump top installed over it. The pump is quite nice and easy to use, and with it gel consistency can be felt and made most from it. The gel is neither too thick. It has a greenish tone when placed within the bottle, but looks almost transparent while you take it in your hand. The fragrance of this Lotus Herbals Fairgelis herbal, and it is basically because of the use of green tea used in the product.
Benefits of using fairgel
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There are various benefits of using the product, which has been mentioned as below

  • It comes with a nice and transparent packaging. Along with it a pump dispenser is installed which makes usage of fairgel quite easy and convenient for the users.
  • The gel is quite consistent, and one might not feel greasy or oily with its use.
  • The skin gets hydrated very well with the use of product.
  • The use of this cream shall not cause break out on the skin, making user feel uncomfortable with it.
  • It is quite a good option to opt for summers.
  • The cream has a long lasting effect, and hence can be opted for if individuals are looking for long lasting results.

Indications Of Fairgel

Complete instructions and ingredients are indicated on packaging of the product. Thus users can simply keep following the indications and make the most from the use of this Lotus Herbals Fairgel.
How to use the fair gel?

While user is applying the fair gel, following steps can be followed

  1. Apply sufficient quantity on your clean face
  2. This gel can be applied under sun screen lotion before you are getting exposed to the sunlight.

Buy Lotus Herbals Fairgel Liquorice and Green Tea Fairness Gel 100g

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2 Pack, Reg. Shipping Free $26.00 Free Shipping

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How many times to use Fairgel?

In order to have effective and lasting results, it is recommended users should use the cream regularly for at least two weeks. The product is available at affordable prices, and hence can be purchased by any customer to make the most of it and bring back the glow and fairness on skin.This gel can be used appropriately for different skin types and brings out best results on almost everyone.

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