Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

lower blood sugar naturallyNowadays we suffer from various nature of diseases which are related to our having excess stress and strain in our life. Blood sugar is one such disease that we face and it is definitely painful to have such a disease. There may be various reasons for having high blood sugar. As said stress and strain is one of the major reasons. The other reasons may be taking an excessive amount of carbohydrates, having certain nature of infections and when physical activity is less than what it should be.

The symptoms that will make you aware that you have high blood sugar

There are certain symptoms which will make you aware that you have high blood sugar. The early symptoms are increased thirst, having frequent headaches, concentration problems, not able to see properly, having to pee much and weight loss. There are certain other symptoms too like infections of the skin or vagina, slow healing of cuts, damage to the nerves, loss of hair, chronic constipation and damages to the eyes, blood vessels and kidneys.

The problems that are related to high blood pressure

High blood sugar is itself a disease and it draws in some other diseases to the body. If one having high blood sugar neglects that it may lead to damage of nerves which will be causing painful cold and take away the sensation of the feet. It also leads to loss of hair in the lower limbs and it may be causing erectile dysfunction. There are various diseases of eyes, blood vessels and kidneys that are drawn in due to having high blood sugar. It is so serious that it can even damage the kidneys and there may be a requirement of replacement. If one is having high blood sugar they should get it treated immediately. Let us see how to lower blood sugar.

Certain natural remedies of high blood sugar

There are various ways by which sugar can be lowered. Let us see those so that we can also have its benefits.

  • Exercising regularly: By doing regular exercise one can increase the insulin level and hence lower blood sugar. Again it will increase the intake of sugar from the blood by muscles and tissues so that the sugar comes down.
  • Eating less amount of carbohydrate: Carbohydrates are broken into sugar in our system. So, if one takes less carbohydrate then there will be lesser glucose formed and hence the sugar is lowered.
  • Eating more fiber: Eating more amount of fiber especially soluble nature of fiber helps to lower sugar.
  • Need to control stress and strain: One should try to lower stress and strain by practicing yoga or other relaxation methods and lower the sugar contain in the blood.
The benefits of having proper blood sugar

There are many benefits of having proper blood sugar level maintained. We have seen that the problems of having high blood sugar are frightening. If we know how to lower blood sugar naturally then we will not be affected by those diseases and will be able to lead a healthy life.

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