M2-Tone Tablets For Irregular Menstruation

m2toneFor Irregular Menstruation, Menstruation Problems, Menstrual Disorder. M2-Tone is a product which helps the ladies and girls having menstrual problems. It is also a clinically recommended idea for infertility and DUB. It has potent pro-estrogenic agent named Saraca Indica which is helpful to correct estrogenic deficiency and also make improvement in ovarian functions. The product is helpful for betterment of endometrial health and maintenance of nutritional balance too. It works well to keep balances in emotional consequences because it helps to relief tension and anxiety due to its mild tranquilizing agents named Emblica Officinalis, Nardostachys jatamansi and Withania somnifera. With affordable and effective treatment right at the corner, M2 Tone tablets and your friendly gynecologist can help you to overcome dysmenorrhea and menstrual pain.
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If you are looking for the ultimate solution to menstruation problems, simply take m2-tone. It is the best product for treatment of irregular menstruation and menstrual disorder. As the world progresses towards new technical heights, we, the people of the world, irrespective of geographies are gradually losing control of our health. This is truer in the case of women from all around the world, who are today facing a lot of problems in their health with a special emphasis on menstruation problems. Irregular menstruation today is a problem that affects women of all ages and all body shapes.

The teen years seems difficult for both the parents and also for teenage girls. Some feel very awkward when the puberty changes sets on especially the menstruation time. On one hand getting the first period is taken as a sign of becoming a woman and on the other hand it is also confusing and scary. This is when one faces irregularities in period also known as premenstrual syndrome. There are some common menstruation problems which are faced by almost every women or girls. It is not important that girls face all the problems but one or two of them are common that can happen. Tackling these menstruation problems is most difficult during the starting days of irregular menstruation.

It is likewise alluded to as menstrual disorder. Painful issues or fits of dull and/or intense lower abdominal uneasiness felt earlier or during menstruation. The pain regularly involves only the lower abdominal and genital territory, yet sometimes it is felt in the lower back, on the inner thighs, and throughout the pelvis. Along with pain, a few women encounter sickness, vomiting, dizziness, and fainting. In most women, spasms have a tendency to decrease in seriousness after the age of 30. In 5% or so of women, the condition is sufficiently extreme to interfere significantly with their lives.

Benefits of M2-Tone

M2 tone is an herbal product and helps to nourish endometrium and supports conception. There are two forms of the product like tablets and Syrup. So that people can choose which one they want to have too. Women who are having PCOS, it helps to restoring ovulation, regulate the estrogen level and correct the length of luteal phase. If taking benefit of the product then after 45-60 days menstrual cycles started. Also, menstrual problems gives way to acne, headache, obesity, alopecia and hirsutism so if the problem disappears then these will do disappear.

  • Treatment of dysmenorrhea.
  • Solving issues with menstrual pain including cramps.
  • Treatment of PCOD or PCOS.
  • Increasing levels of hemoglobin in the blood, thereby treating anemia.
  • Issue related to cysts.
  • Treatment of female infertility.

Advantage Of Taking M2-Tone

It is helpful to avoid dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB), menstrual disorder, and unexplained female infertility. It helps to stop the excessive menstrual bleeding and keeps it to normal flow. It can relief from the tender breasts, headache, nausea along with vomiting which takes place due to changes in hormones. It is an herbal product so can be taken for long time without hesitation. If taken regularly then is helpful to show pregnancy outcomes. Also, it can be taken when having periods.

There are heaps of home remedies through which one can get relief from pain at the time of menstruation. One of the home remedies is parsley which is exceptionally powerful to treat painful periods. The patients who experience the ill effects of overwhelming pain during periods are recommended to take a some parsley juice. This juice can be additionally brought with other vegetable concentrates like carrot juice. Sesame seeds are additionally a relief giving a home remedy for painful menstruation. 1-2 teaspoon of sesame seeds ought to be taken in a glass of water and ought to be bubbled for a minute, then strain the blend and drink it for one to two times per day.

What Causes Irregular Periods?

Regular periods too can offer a number of problems, which range from severe Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as menstrual cramps to menstrual disorder. An initial symptom that can tell you that something is wrong with your menstrual health is the flow, too heavy or too light periods can be a big problem, even if it is usually ignored initially. This if coupled with clots could signify a number of ailments starting with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOD and can also mean more serious issues such as Ovarian Cancer. Thus, the most important step that a woman suffering from any irregularity in her menstrual cycle must do is to connect with a good gynecologist.

Natural treatments or remedies available

Home remedies are extremely viable in treating menstrual problems, and these have been rehearsed through generations.

  1. Ginger is a common kitchen herb that is extremely viable in treating this problem. Drinking the decoction of ginger adding little sugar, thrice daily gives relief from menstrual problems.
  2. Drinking juice of parsley leaves helps in treating this problem. Juice of carrot, beet, cucumber, and parsley likewise help in reducing the menstrual issues.
  3. Eating cooked banana blooms with curd diminishes the menstrual bleeding.
  4. A drink arranged by boiling 2 teaspoonfuls of dried safflower seeds in 120 ml. of water is exceedingly compelling in this treatment.
  5. Drinking a decoction coriander seeds in water treats exorbitant bleeding during menstruation. 6. Drinking a glass of drain, adding a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder helps n reducing menstrual issues.
  6. In some hot water, include a half teaspoon of powdered sesame seeds and drink it twice day by day. This treatment gives relief from convulsive pains during menstruation.
  7. Juice from the bark of the mango tree delivers wondrous outcomes in treating menstrual problems. A blend is set up by adding 10 ml of the juice in 120 ml of water. A teaspoonful of this blend ought to be given to the patient in each substitute hour.

Directions For Taking M2-Tone

If you are having the problem of DUB or irregular menstruation then one to two tablets can be taken two times in a day for 3-6 cycles. If having unexplained infertility or Anovulatory then 2-3 tablets can be taken twice a day till formation occurs or if assisted reproductive techniques protocols then also the same amount can be taken two times daily from day to down regulation to the embryo transfer day.

Consult with your doctor about m2-tone with which you can get best menstruation problems treatment! In addition, the basic factor is to endeavor and keep up awesome wellbeing while at the same time tending to the main driver of best menstrual disorder treatment.

What to do?

You are suggested to have fruits, milk and wheat. Do light exercise like morning and evening walk. If having excess weight then take steps to reduce them.

What to Avoid?

Smoking, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Keep steps away from hot and spicy foods and some vegetables are also not suggested to eat if menstrual problems like brinjal, potato. Don’t sleep at day time. Keep yourself away from tensions and exertion.

Ingredients along with their benefits

It contains usher (andropogon muricatus and Vettiver) which is an herb root having fragrance in it. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also cools the body and keeps acnes away. Lotus (kamal, neilumbium speciosum is another ingredient of product which has ability to control excess bleeding, provide good cardiac health and controls liver problems. Cumin (jeeraka, cuminun cyminum) is also contained in product which can improve metabolism along with better digestion. Amla (amlaki, Indian gooseberry, emblica officinalis) is another ingredient which is loaded with vitamin C and so it helpful to provide you healthy skin and hair. It supports the liver and controls the sugar metabolism. Shalmali (bombax Makabaricum) is a product that can be found in products and it is helpful to control bleeding if having menstrual disorder along with acne appearance. Shunthi (zingiber officinale) is helpful to arouse gastrointestinal tract and liver health. It also has anti-inflammatory properties too. Shuddha Kasis (ferrous sulphate) and Abhrak bhasma (biotite Calx) are ingredients which can treat anemia and weakness which occurs when excess bleeding takes place.

Vacha (acourus calamus) is able to cleanse the kidney and liver. Provide calm to mind and nervous system. Twak (cinnamomum cassia) improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Along with it also strengthen liver and cardiac health. Pearl oyster shell clax is anti- inflammatory and can provide better digestion plus full stops on acidity. Pippali can treat acne due to irregular menstruation and nourishes the skin.

Daruharidra can stimulate ovulation and control acne along with leucorrhoea. Lodhra and ashoka can support liver and urine health. Control excess bleeding. Sariva cools the body and cleanses the urinary tract. Vasa and Vata can avoid bleeding disorders, control inflammation, cools the body. Devadaru and Nagkesara is anti- inflammatory and so controls pain due to menstrual disorders. Kokilaksha can restore libido, anemia and infertility. Nishotar is able to cleanse the colon plus liver. Jamun is hypoglycemic which also helps to regulate blood sugar, Musta can relieve menstrual bleeding long with premenstrual pain. Shatavari is helpful to increase lactation in feeding mothers and can promote ovulation. Haritaki and bibhitaki improves metabolism, health of colons, liver and controls bleeding. Shivalingi support ovarian and uterine health.

Lavang restores libido and improve digestion. Gairika can avoid anemia and treat menorrhagia. Kankola support liver and spleen. Also, restores libido. Jatamansi is an herbal blood purifier and can stimulate the nervous system and avoid the premenstrual syndrome. Bhringraj is good to fight with liver problems, hair problems and alopecia. Vang bhasma and Mandur bhasma is able to avoid menstrual disorder and give better digestion. Yashad basma is a form of zinc which is helpful to treat impaired glucose metabolism and acne.

Detecting irregular periods

Irregular menstruation treatment is one that is often carried out after an initial physical examination and an Ultra Sonography or USG. Early periods or late periods are often ailments that can mean an absence of good menstrual health as well as be considered to be perfectly normal in the case of some women.

Treatment of irregular periods and M2 Tone Tablet’s role in it

However, for women considered to be suffering from irregular menstrual cycles, doctors often resort to medicines to help provide relief to the condition. The tablet is one such medicine that can provide quick relief with minimal side effects. Clinically tested and proved to be a natural treatment for countless women suffering from uterine complications, M2 tone Tablets are both, user friendly as well as affordable.

Though the medicine is available in both forms, that is, syrup as well as tablets, the tablets are the ones that most gynecologists prefer is the tablet. Usually administered in the dose of two tablets consumed twice a day, M2 Tone Tablet is prescribed to be consumed for at least a period of three months, depending on the severity of the condition. Patients should be careful to consume the tablets with ONLY water at least an hour before lunch and dinner each day.

Mode of administration

This product is herbal combination of rare items and the product has showed wonderful results as increase in pregnancy rate. It shows good effects over three pre-requisites named ovum, menstruation disorder and endometrium for conception.

Dosage Of M2-tone

1-2 tablets twice a day with water

Buy M2-Tone (1Pack = 30 Tablets)

2 Pack $22.00 Free


You can undoubtedly follow the instructions gave on the bundle to better outcomes that may enable you to get the requirements. However, do consult a physician for additional consumption. The medicine is entirely for grown-ups and not to be consumed by youngsters keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from the reactions.

Customer’s Review about the product

I took this product when I visited my Ayurveda doctor after fed up with my irregular periods. When I started taking a pill two times a day I was no faith in it but its wonderful results forced me to have faith in it. The main thing of the product is that it is a no side effect product. After taking small time, it started showing me desired results and my condition was wonderful after taking 3 months on regular basis. I took one medicine first in the morning with empty stomach and second at night before going to bed. Thanks M2- tone for giving me amazing results….Roger Binny (UNITED STATES)

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