Mdh Panipuri Masala Spices Blend For Fried Savouries

Mdh Panipuri MasalaPanipuri lovers will glad to know that they can make panipuri at home by adding MDH panipuri masala into it. Ingredients present in this masala are Dry mango, Black salt, White salt, Caraway, Dry Ginger, Malic acid, Mint leaves, Black pepper, Musk melon, Cloves, Chili and Asafetida that give a spicy taste to your panipuri. Panipuri is like an identity of India and is a famous snack of Indians, especially Indian females. Almost every second person in India is a panipuri lover and always tries to find a new taste in its spicy and tasty water along with its puri.If you are also a panipuri lover, then surely you know that there is a special and different taste of panipuri at every stall or shop of chat, but you can make your own favorite taste at home with this masala.
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What are the benefits of adding MDH panipuri masala while making it at home?

  • It helps you make a sufficient quantity of panipuri at home rather than ordering from outside.
  • It helps you make pani of panipuri more chatpata and delicious as it is a perfect starter if you are inviting someone for lunch or dinner.
  • If masala of MDH panipuri is available at your home, then you don’t need to wait to go out as you can make panipuri for you anytime you want.

Advantages MDH panipuri masala provide

  1. This MDH panipuri masala (Spices Blend For Fried Savouries) is made in a hygienic atmosphere and is safe to use for making panipuri at home.
  2. It is an instant masala that can help you prepare panipuri within a short time.
  3. Not only panipuri, this masala is a perfect spices blend for fried savories as well.
  4. You can sprinkle it on any chat item such as snacks, tikki, dahi bhalle and all.

What are the indications to use this masala to make snacks at home?

If you try making panipuri or other snacks at home, but are unable to make exact taste, then better use MDH panipuri masala and give your panipuri a chatpata twist.

Correct directions to use for exact taste

  • Take a bowl and fill required water in it.
  • Now add salt, black salt, citric acid according to taste in it and mix well.
  • Now add MDH panipuri masala into it and mix well until all lumps not removed from the water.
  • Now grind some mint leaves, coriander leaves with steam and some green chilies and cumin in water and mix with the water well.
  • Your pani for panipuri is ready.
  • Now serve it with a mixture of mashed potatoes and chana.
  • Fill the mixture in puri and dip in the water and take it in your mouth.

Buy Mdh Panipuri Masala 100 gm

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Minimum dosage for right taste

1/5 tsp is enough to add. You can also decide its quantity according to the water’s quantity.

MDH panipuri masala provide an exact taste as available in the market. Not only for panipuri, is this masala a perfect spices blend for fried savories.

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