MDH T-PLUSTea also known as chai in major part of India is the most recommended hot beverage. This beverage has taken over the place of other hot beverages. It empowers the other beverages like coffee. Tea is the Indian need, people of India survives on it. A tea lover can be found everywhere in India. It is a 24*7 consumable drink. Everyone has a different way of drinking it. Few people like it with more less, while on the other hand there are people who like it wih less milk. Some like to add cardamom and others may add ginger to it. It depends in person’s individual choice. As there are many people who drink it, there are many varieties also. The different varieties of tea are cardamom tea, ginger tea, masala tea etc.

Tea is made by boiling water and adding ingredients to it. The ingredients used in tea are tea leaves, milk, sugar, cardamom, masala, ginger and many more. There are many tea masalas available in market, which are also used to give a soothing flavor to the tea. One such product is MDH T-PLUS. This masala is the best selling tea masala in the market currently. Tea is very beneficial to the body. It helps in reducing weight; it also helps to cure cold and cough. The Tea masala is a mixture of cardamom, ginger etc. and is added to the tea at the time when we add tea leaves. This gives an exotic and astonishing taste to tea.
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Why MDH T-PLUS Is So Popular Among People?

The MDH T-Plus as mentioned, is used by many people and is the larget selling product for tea. Thus it is quite famous among people. Few doctors also recommend it to drink it either in tea or in milk. The tea masala thus can also be used in milk in order to give milk a different taste and flavor.

How MDH T-PLUS Is Made?

There are multiple ingredients in the tea masala which are responsible for the taste which we get in tea these days. Some of the ingredients are –

  • Fennel Seeds
  • Dried ginger
  • Black pepper
  • Cassia
  • Cardamom amomum
  • Green cardamom
  • Clove

The exact amount of the above mentioned ingredients are solely responsible for the extra ordinary taste.

Buy MDH T-PLUS 25 gm

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How To Consume MDH T-PLUS?

The MDH T-PlUS comes in the box of 100gms. The packed box is available at various groceries store. The masala is used in tea and milk, thus the amount of the masala used in beverage varies from person’s personal taste. It is used in the similar way as we use other spices like clove and ginger.

MDH T-Plus is an Indian originated product made by MDH ltd. For better use of masala and to keep it for long life, the masala need to be stored in dry and cool areas. The online delivery of the masala is also available.

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