MDH Meat Masala

Mdh Meat MasalaMDH meat masala is a mix of essential flavors, for example, container Coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, dark peppercorn, dry red chilies, Curry leaves and fenugreek seeds. Every one of these flavors are required for a heavenly chicken at home and this masala give all flavors in one powder and make your cooking task simple.If you are searching for a genuine Indian non-vegetarian taste, then give MDH meat masala a trial to include taste in the chicken.This spicy meat masala is sufficient to give your chicken a taste of eatery.

Benefits of using MDH meat masala

  • You can add MDH meat masala in any non-vegetarian dish and can make it taste same like a restaurant. It is better to use this masala when want to serve something different than a typical home taste.
  • When guests are coming and there are so many things to do and dishes to cook, then this spicy masala save much time of yours to blend different spices and then use them. This zesty masala is a perfect spices blend for mutton curry.
  • If you are not an expert in cooking but want to impress your friends, guests or family, then this masala can become your secret for a delicious non-vegetarian dish.

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Advantages of adding MDH meat masala in your chicken

  1. This meat masala saves much time of yours by saving you from sorting best spices and then blending them in a correct manner.
  2. It is one best secret behind a delicious mouthwatering dish that can taste same as a dish purchased from the market.
  3. It is a savvy way to serve delicious non-vegetarian dishes to your family and guests rather than purchasing in a limited quantity from a restaurant in a high cost.
  4. You can add it in any non-vegetarian dish as this masala is a perfect spices blend for mutton curry, butter chicken, chicken biriyani and many more dishes.

Indications you need to use this masala while cooking

Same or typical homemade taste of a chicken that your family or kids are not finding interesting anymore indicate that you need to give your non-vegetarian dishes a twist of this masala to add a different taste like restaurants.

Proper directions to use this meat masala

  • Wash your meat properly.
  • Prepare paste of onion and tomatoes and a separate paste of green chilies, ginger, garlic, etc.
  • Take a vessel to heat some oil in it.
  • Add some raw spices such as dalchini and tejpata in it and then add your prepared onion paste in the vessel and let it get brown well.
  • Add your washed chicken in it and cook it with all these things
  • When you find your chicken half cooked, add tomato paste in it and stir well.
  • Once all the things are mixed well, now add salt and MDH meat masala in it and stir well.
  • Now add things according to the desire and serve with chapatti or rice.
How To Use This Masala

1 tsp is enough to add for a good taste, else you can add according to the quantity of the chicken.

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