Divya Vridhivadhika Vati – Natural Remedy For Hernia And Hydrocele Treatment

Divya Vridhivadhika VatiA hernia is a lump in the stomach caused by muscle weakness when a part of the stomach organs tend to come out from the general lining of the stomach. Hernia occurs in weak muscles and may reflect in a bulging stomach. The intestines tend to surpass the lining of the stomach and causes swelling on the skin. Hernia can be of different types including umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, inguinal hernia, and femoral hernia. Inguinal hernia is mostly common among males, which sometimes confused with hydrocele.

On the other hand women are prone to Femoral hernia, it happens when certain tissues push out in the groin. Any old scar or wound which has not healed properly causes Incisional hernia. Umbilical hernia occurs among infants when they reach the age of 1. However, adults may also suffer from it because of overweight. Hiatal hernia is caused when the upper stomach tends to come out through the opening whereby the food pipe passes through. Surgery is recommended in most of the hernia, but it cannot cure the problem. So, to treat hernia without having any harmful effects, people should use a medicine like Divya Vridhivadhika vati, a natural remedy for hernia. It helps to fortify the muscles and give away the pain naturally.
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Health benefits of using Divya Vridhivadhika vati

  • It combines a wide number of ayurvedic herbs that helps to strengthen the stomach walls and thus naturally prevent hernias. It aims to target the main reasons of hernia and that is the weakness of the muscles. It is a natural remedy for hernia that offers natural healing of the abdominal walls, which surgery may not offer, as even after surgery the problem may come back.
  • This medicine can heal all the symptoms of hernia like pain while walking though it depends on person to person. The pain may aggravate if one takes up any work. Hernia causes inconvenience in carrying out daily activities when it gets bigger.
  • It can cure any sort of abnormal cell growth in the body. It prevents soft tissues to come out from the lining of the stomach.
  • It can cure various skin ailments.
  • It is good for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Advantages of taking Divya Vridhivadhika vati

  1. It has additional advantages in the body. It helps in proper food absorption and improves digestion whereby the body gets nutrition. It has lots of ingredients like Shudh Gandhak, Tamra Bhasm Shudh Parad, Loh Bhasm, Kansaiya Bhasm and many others which naturally cure hernia in men and women.
  2. Not many knows it is beneficial for fibroid uterus and hence a very helpful medicine for women.
  3. It helps in blood purification by detoxifying the whole body.
  4. It has anti aging properties and leaves a very rejuvenating effect in the body.
  5. It is used in hydrocele treatment among in infants and adults.
  6. It has been told as beneficial for cancer also as it contains antioxidant.
  7. It improves brain functions and regulates the nervous system.

Indications of using the medicine Divya Vridhivadhika vati

  • Basically, it is indicated for hiatal hernia and hydrocile among males. This medicine is a wonderful remedy for hydrocele treatment in men. It happens when fluids get deposited around the testicals and causes pain. It is mostly seen in newborn baby boys and may disappear on its own during the first years. Surgery may be needed in certain cases, but by using this medicine one can get rid of this.
  • It removes the pain immediately in hernia.
  • It makes the muscles stronger by providing them proper nutrition.
  • It is an immunity booster and thus prevents recurrence of this disease.
  • It prevents the swelling of the abdomen and offers comfort to the patients.

Buy Divya Vridhivadhika Vati ( 1 Bottle = 40 gm)

1 Bottle $22.00 Free Shipping

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Directions for taking Divya Vridhivadhika vati

Lack of nutrition, excessive smoking and chronic respiratory diseases may also cause hernia. People who are involved in heavy muscle straining may also be sufferers. Chronic constipation problem also causes hernia as it leads to lots of straining while passing stools. So, it is essential to adopt a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle to remove hernia problem naturally along with this medicine.

Dosage recommended while taking Divya Vridhivadhika vati

This medicine is available in tablet form and a regular dose is indicated you should take one or two tablets two times in a day.

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