Nixocid Tablets For Acid Reflux, Flatulence

Nixocid Tablets SBL Nixocid Tablets is great for acid reflux treatment and serves as the natural remedies for flatulence. You can easily use it for getting relief from stomach problems. Nixocid Tablets are a perfect blend of homeopathic remedies that helps to treat gastric and stomach disorders. It is a natural remedy for flatulence and help to relieve all symptoms of gastric issues. It is a proven remedy to be an effective product for all kinds of stomach or digestive disorders. All digestive issues such as acidity, heartburn, constipation and flatulence can be treated with Nixocid. Homeopathic remedies available in these tablets assist one to get rid of all symptoms swiftly and provide long term relief. This is the best product between natural remedies for flatulence.

Acid reflux is a common stomach problem that many deal with every day while performing their work. The problem is easy to spot. At the beginning of the stomach, there is ring of muscle functioning as a valve naming lower esophageal sphincter. After the food passes through it, the valve is closed but if does not closes, then the acid present and made by our stomach rises up. The rise of the acid to the esophagus is acid reflux. For acid reflux treatment, many people use the SBL Nixocid Tablets.
Coming from the leading homeopathic medicine manufacturing company, SBL Nixocid Tablets are a great medicine for stomach distresses. The medicine comes with many features that allow it fulfill its purpose of normalizing the functions of our stomach and digestive system. Any kind of gastric problem can be treated with the product.
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Benefits of Taking SBL Nixocid Tablets

  1. People suffering from gas problem and feel gas production after eating can get benefit from this medicine.
  2. It is an effective acid reflux treatment and stop its re occurrence.
  3. It helps to improve digestion system and increase appetite that is lucrative for your body and health.
  4. It provides enough nutritious supplements to the body and stops development of gastric ulcers.

Improper unhealthy diet, such as junk food can be a cause of acidity or flatulence in one’s stomach that pertain to the bad digestion system. There are some symptoms of acidity:

  • One may lose appetite and started thinking before having anything due to the sensations afterwards.
  • One may feel gas filling in the stomach that also can give stomach pain.
  • Headache also can be occur while having gas or acid in the stomach.
  • Acidity can give you a sensation of burning in the heart and heartburn is an important symptom of acidity.
  • One may face constipation in the presence of gas in the stomach.

Advantages of Taking SBL Nixocid Tablets

The product comes in small bottle of dark brown color and enclosed with a tight fitted blue cap. It is available in 250 mg bottle containing about 25 tablets in it. SBL offers the product for treating for gastric problems and giving the instant relief from any sort of gastric problems. Serving as a type of natural solution, the product easily gives protection against gastric problems.

  1. Help one to improve appetite.
  2. Provide better digestion system and let you digest easily.
  3. Improve waste elimination system or regular motions.
  4. Provides relief from headache and heartburn by reducing the acid from the stomach.
  5. The product is best for increasing the appetite and giving relief to the pain in the abdomen.
  6. They are helpful in preventing the formation of acid in the stomach that can reach the esophagus.
  7. Tablets can give support to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system without any sort of ill effects.
  8. Provides the sufficient nutrition supplements and avoids the formation of gastric ulcers.
  9. It is one of the best natural remedies for flatulence by preventing it easily.
  10. The tablet is good for diarrhea and problems like constipations.
  11. These tablets help us to feel easiness after a meal by lighting the abdomen.
  12. Any sort of painful sensations in the abdomen is also prevented with the use of tablets.
  13. If the person is dealing with sour eructation, then Nixocid tablets are best suited for them.
  14. The uneasy burning in the stomach after eating spicy food can also be rid of by the use of the medicine.

Reasons of Acidity to Avoid

  • Late eating at night may cause acidity in the morning, thus it is suggested to have diner early and before going for sleep.
  • Sitting at one place for long also may cause acidity and can make your digestion system corrupt, thus after eating a small walk can be beneficial, but, remember, a walk not a proper exercise.
  • Excessive smoking also can produce ulcer in the stomach due to what one can have a bad digestion system.
  • People remain in mental stress, depression and anxiety can suffer from stomach issues.
  • Irregular diet or unhealthy diet also can be a reason of acidity and stomach diseases, thus it is required to eat at the same time for a healthy stomach.
  • People who drink water in less quantity may have a bad digestion system, because the more you drink the water the more you can eliminate wastes, acids and toxins from your body.

SBL Nixocid Tablets is made up of

  • Natrum phosphoricum – 3x
  • Lycopodium clavatum – 3x
  • Carbo vegetabilis – 6x
  • Robinia pseudacacia – 3x

Indications of Taking SBL Nixocid Tablets

  • This natural combination of homeopathic remedies is suggested to take in all cases of gastric issues.
  • One can take it to reduce excessive acid in the stomach that need to stop, because excessive acid may produce acid reflux disease.
  • Can be taken to improve digestion system and to improve the appetite system.
Directions for taking nixocid tablets

No doubt that taking this medicine may provide quick relief, but one should need to use some tips along with taking the medicine for enhanced benefits.

  • Regular exercise can be a good option to have a better digestion system.
  • Eating before 2 3 hours from bedtime is also beneficial as till then your food can get digest well and you can have a relaxed slumber.
  • Eating after a short distance in a day is beneficial rather than eating a lot at once.
  • Avoid eating things you know doesn’t suit to your stomach system.

Buy Nixocid Tablets (1 Bottle = 25 gm)

1 Bottle $12.00 Free

2 Bottle $21.00 Free

3 Bottle $31.00 Free

5 Bottle $45.00 Free

Dosage Required for Taking SBL Nixocid Tablets

For Adults: 2 tablets twice in a day are recommended.

Children: 1 tablet twice in a day recommended.

Every tablet inherits is about 25 grams in weight. The capsule is recommended to be taken two to three times a day before food. For children, the tablets should be reduced to half in order to avoid any side effect.
SBL has stated the dosages of the tablet that should be taken according to the need. Adults should take two tablets for about 2-3 hourly. Eating the medicine about 2-3 hours early from the bedtime is also great to get your food for digesting it well and you can sleep good.

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