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natural detox treatmentCleansing and detoxification is the important for a healthy well being. It restores and rejuvenates the healthy body and mind. It is done by our body itself. But sometimes due to health issues, the body is not able to do it. Ramdev package for AMA (Detox) is a combination of natural herbs that collectively work best as natural detox treatment. It is very effective on all kinds of digestive disorders. The patients suffering from chronic gastric ailments can also be benefited by this ayurvedic preparation. It purifies the blood and helps in getting better sleep. Natural detox diet includes more fluids. These help in cleansing blood, liver and colon.

Benefits Of Swami Ramdev package for AMA (detox)

Ramdev package for AMA(detox) controls the excess secretion of acids and hence normalizes the function of digestive system. It heals the ulcers effectively and doesn’t allow the symptoms to come back again. It increases the appetite and helps in proper digestion and absorption of food nutrients.
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Ingredient Of Swami Ramdev package for AMA (detox)

Ramdev package for AMA (Detox) contains following –

Divya Gashar Churna (50gm) – It helps in detoxification and is a known herb for purifying the blood. This wonderful remedy helps in excretion of chemical substances from body.

Divya Bilvadi Churna (100gm) – It stimulates various body organs to cleanse the body.

Divya Sankha Bhasma (10gm) – It balances the acid level and corrects the digestive disorders. It rejuvenates the body cells and helps in eliminating the waste from body.

Divya Kapardaka Bhasma (10gm) – This herb does the detoxification naturally. It also improves the skin symptoms related to toxins.

Divya Mukta Sukti Bhasma (10gm) – It cleanses the body organs and helps in improving their function.

Divya Kutajaghana Vati (40gm) – It detoxifies the blood and helps in reliving from constipation.

Divya Chitrakadi Vati (20gm) – It rejuvenates the blood cells and helps in detoxification.


Here are some of the important symptoms when the body tries to detoxifies itself but is unable to do so because of any health reasons-

  • Frequent headaches accompanied by weakness and tiredness
  • Gas
  • Pain in abdomen
  • Flatulence
  • Feeling fullness in abdomen
  • Constipation
  • Ulcers
  • Pain in muscles
  • Fever and body ache
  • Toxin accumulation can result in eczema and other skin problems
  • Blockage of arteries due to toxin substances

Therapeutic Uses

It balances the functions of gastric system. It also increases the appetite and provides relief from abdomen pain. It also prevents hyper-acidity. It cleanses colon, liver and other organs. Colon detoxification removes build up of bacteria and other toxins from the digestive system. It increases immunity and improves metabolism. It also improves the overall health.


This medicine needs to be taken as directed by the physician because everybody has different symptoms. Some people feel better in a week and some take more time. Depending upon the level of detoxification required, the physician recommends the dosage for a particular duration. Most of the instructions are also written on the package itself but it is safe to consult a physician before taking this medicine.

Diet Recommendations

Include fennel to your diet. It removes the mucus from he colon. Herbal tea is very important part of natural detox diet. If you really want to cleanse out, increase your water/fluid consumption by 25%. It prepares the body for detoxification. Take adequate rest and deep breath for relieving the stress. Probiotics kill harmful bacteria and parasites. It also helps in growing good bacteria with in the body. Onion, bananas and garlic are excellent sources of probiotics.


Avoid frozen, deep fried and processed food. It may exaggerate the existing conditions. Avoid foods that form gas in body.

Side Effects

Ramdev package for AMA (detox) is a natural detox treatment and is safe to use. It has no side effects. Pregnant and nursing ladies should consult the physician before taking this for longer periods.

Home Remedies for detoxification

The home remedies discussed here are very useful for effective cleansing.

Take a detoxification smoothie every day. Blend 1 cup kale, 1 apple (without seeds), 1 banana, half cup parsley leaves and 2 cups of water to make a smoothie. Start with one cup daily. Gradually increase it to 3 cups a day for at ;east 3 weeks. This is very effective detoxifier and gives quick results.

Drink a cup of warm green tea with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey and 1/16 teaspoon of cayenne pepper .

Eat 2 tablespoons of flax seeds daily. It increases the intestinal volume and helps in easy bowel movements.

Take spirulina (powder or tablet) once a day to adding nutrients back to the body.

Ginger stimulates the colon and helps in cleansing. You can consume it in any way like in tea or in vegetables. You can also squeeze the juice and take it with honey. It is good in any form.

Aloe leaf is considered as a good laxative and its consumption is the best natural detox treatment.

Garlic reduces parasites and helps in cleansing.

Fish is known as a toxin cleaner. Include this to your natural detox diet. It contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps in cleansing the colon.

Turmeric is very effective in cleansing and detoxification. Consume this daily in food for better results.

Chew few leaves of coriander daily. It is an effective home remedy for natural detoxification.

Regular exercise increases the effect of cleansing and detoxification.

Buy Package for AMA (Detox)

1 Pack $65.00 Free Shipping

Customer’s Review for Ramdev Package for AMA (Detox)

I am a 38 years female. I have 2 babies. After second pregnancy, I started feeling changes in my body. I was often constipated and my skin looked all dull and dry. I thought it is new mother stress. But the symptoms started getting worse. I was tired all the day. I didn’t feel like eating anything. I was terribly stressed. I was not able to take care of the family. I started feeling bad, specially for the new born. But I didn’t have any energy left to do the chores. My doctor prescribed me Ramdev Package for AMA (detox). After approximately three weeks, my constipation was better. I felt more energetic and stress free. The glow of my skin was also back. I am more confident with my looks and overall physique now. I feel fresh all the day and can take care of my family very well. Thank you so much Divya Pharmacy for your wonderful herbal medicines…Alice Walton (U.S.A)

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