Package Of Medicines For Coronary Artery Disease

treatment for coronary artery disease Heart diseases are on the rise globally. It becomes frequent in modern days due to inefficient exercise and obesity. The symptoms of heart diseases are common to all patients though sometimes it can be silent also. For example, the symptoms of coronary artery disease is common to all patients like shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, sweating, frequent tiredness etc. Normally, surgical methods are applied to treat various heart related abnormalities which are quite painful and expensive also.

But contrary to popular beliefs, ayurvedic medicines are equally capable of treating heart diseases and they have the capacity to cure ailing heart conditions. For example, Ramdev package for coronary artery disease is a well tested herbal medicinal package to treat various heart ailments. Coronary diseases occur due to the development of plaques in the walls of the heart arteries which restricts the blood flow and thus causes pain in the region of the heart. However with this medicine, all the heart diseases symptoms can be improved without having any side effects in the body.
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Health benefits of using the Ramdev package for coronary artery disease

  • This medicine offers treatment for coronary artery disease which can treat all the difficult symptoms of heart ailments in a very gentle and effective manner.
  • It can reduce the chest discomfort often experienced by people having a weak heart. Together, it can reduce the chest tightness and heaviness which are also associated with heart diseases.
  • It can take care of the numbness in the arms which is a typical symptom of heart ailment. This is an excellent herbal package that can treat all the symptoms of coronary artery disease by improving blood supply to the heart muscles and thus keeping them healthy and active.

Heart is one of the main organs that supply bloods to all parts of our body and coronary arteries are responsible to carry that blood. Due to the accumulation of fatty acids and cholesterol in the arteries, the arteries get narrowed down and the blood flow disrupted. If this condition is not treated on time, a person may get a heart attack which can be deadly sometimes. As blood flow got restricted, there will be less oxygen getting by the heart muscles and it results in chest pain. This medicine can cure all such conditions related to heart in a very natural manner.

Advantages of using it

This is an all natural package consisting of several herbal remedies that are ideal for the treatment for coronary artery disease. They have the capacity to improve the blood circulation to the heart muscles. Thus it keeps the heart healthy by aiding in the normal functioning of the organ which can regulate the blood supply. It

combines a number of herbal medicines namely

  • Divya moti pisti: It has great nutritional capacity that nourishes the cells and muscles of the heart and thus improves normal functioning of the organ. It can be considered as a heart tonic to treat any kind of heart abnormalities.
  • Divya Sangeyasada pisti: It can remove the plaques of the heart slowly without targeting any of the other organs in the body. A regular use of this medicine will automatically lead the plaques to get dissolved and thereby improving the blood flow to the arteries. It will reduce the pain in the heart region.
  • Divya akika pisti: It possesses the capacity to reduce the anxiety and the feeling of uneasiness experienced by heart patients. It provides comfort from all such difficult conditions of heart ailments.
  • Divya Yogendra rasa: It contains many nutritional elements required for our heart which nourishes the heart cells and muscles by way of improving blood flow.
  • Srnga bhasma: It is known to give instant relief from the pain and heaviness experienced by heart patients. It is absolutely safe to take this medicine regularly.
  • Divya Hrdayamrta: It helps in the dissolution of the plaques in a natural manner that is build up in the arteries. Also, it helps in the removal of pain in the chest.

Buy Package Of Medicines For Coronary Artery Disease

1 Pack $65.00 Free Shipping

Indications of using the Ramdev package for coronary artery disease

It is indicated for all symptoms of ailing heart including frequent palpation and shortness of breathing. It is indicated for nausea and sweating and irregular heart beat among people. It is also given in the condition of heaviness of heart and tightness feeling suffered by heart patients.

Dosage suggested

Normal dose is preferred.

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