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package for muscular dystrophyMuscular Dystrophy is a genetic disorder which weakens the muscles which enable the body movements. It causes people to have incorrect or missing information in their genes. Because muscular dystrophy is genetic, it is not contagious and cannot spread and so, this is the reason why you cannot catch it from someone who has this disorder.

Muscular Dystrophy weakens the muscles over time, so the patients can gradually lose the ability to do the things most people take for granted, like walking o sitting up. Someone with this disorder might start having muscle problems as a baby or the symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy might start later. Some people even develop it in the later stages of their lives.
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What are the Types and symptoms of muscular dystrophy?

Progressive muscle weakness is the main symptom of muscular dystrophy. Now, each separate form of it varies in terms of the age and symptoms usually begin showing and how it gradually affects the muscles. The symptoms of muscular dystrophy are:
Duchenne Muscular dystrophy – It is the most common form and usually occurs in boys. The signs and symptoms first surface typically when the child begins to walk and may include:

  • Frequent falls
  • Difficulty in getting up from different positions
  • Trouble in running and jumping
  • Waddling gait
  • Learning disabilities

Limb – girde muscular dystrophy – This affects boys and girls both by weakening muscles in the shoulders and upper arms, around the hips and thighs. This can begin as early as in the childhood or as late as mid – adulthood and it mostly progresses slowly. The symptom that gives it away is that the hip and shoulder start to pain and sometimes the person might fall or starts to trip because the front pat of the foot is affected.

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy – it can affect both girls and boys, and the symptoms of muscular dystrophy is seen during the teen years. This affects muscles in the face and shoulders and can cause weakness in the lower legs as well. The most striking symptom of this type is that the shoulder blades might stick out like wings when the person raises the arms.
Cognetial Muscular dystrophy- This is the term for all types of muscular dystrophy that show signs in babies and young children, although this muscular dystrophy cannot be diagnosed right away, but it is apparent at birth or becomes evident by the age of 2.

Myotonic Dystrophy – This is another form in which muscles face a problem in relaxing. In teens, it can cause a number of problems, including weakness and muscle shrinking over a period of time, cataract and also heart problem. The symptom of this is that the muscles are first to be affected and hence, start paining on a regular basis.

The life expectancy of most of these forms of muscular dystrophy depends on the degree to which a person’s muscles are weakened as well as how much the heart and lungs are affected.

What are the treatments of muscular dystrophy?

There aren’t any definite cures or treatments for muscular dystrophy, but the medications and therapy can slow the course for the hazard. For instance, using ramdev package for muscular dystrophy can prove to be very beneficial for the user as this treatment for muscular dystrophy contains the following elements:

Divya Ras – This is a medication that helps to ease the pains that occur in the muscles and applying this ras regularly will relieve you of the pains.

Divya Churn – This is a sort of a digestive pill that that helps the course of digestion of food. Not only that, it also strengthens the muscle power of the human body and helps to get rid of the stiffness that happens in the muscles.

Divya Rasayan – This is a special ingredient used in treatment for muscular dystrophy that energizes and vitalizes the mind and the body. It helps in the building up of energy in the human body as well as helps in the restoration of energy as well.

Buy Package for Muscular Dystrophy

1 Pack $69.95 Free Shipping

Divya Pishti – This is the most unique pat of the ramdev package for muscular dystrophy as it helps to combat the diseases that can develop due to the prolonged pains in the muscles.

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