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package for otorrhagiaIf you have noticed blood originating in your ear’s external auditory canal, then it is quite possible that you are having problems with otorrhagia, which is a hemorrhage that takes place in the ear. This condition should be dealt with as swiftly as possible since it can cause hearing problems and even hearing loss. Accompanying conditions of otorrhagia include tympanitis and deafness, so naturally natural remedies for hearing loss treat all of the interconnected issues.

Symptoms Of Otorrhagia

The following symptoms should be able to tell you if you have a serious ear problem that needs to be dealt with. Some of the more common and easily noticeable symptoms of ear disease are:

  • Persistent and acute earaches are a very common marker of any kind of ear disease.
  • Swelling in the inner ear or in the lobe is often caused due to injury, infections or inflammation.
  • Ear infections can be of varying severity, but if pus accumulates in your ear, than you might actually lose your hearing (completely or partially) for some period of time.
  • If you have noticed a continuous heaviness in your ears, or if they’re ringing for absolutely no reason, then this too is a symptom.

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Causes Of Otorrhagia

Before we talk about treatments for hearing loss, we must understand a little bit about what causes them. While hearing and other ear problems are often acquired, they may be congenital as well. Acquisition usually takes place due to some ear infection, which, instead of running its course and leaving the body, leads to serious complications which ultimately lead to the partial or complete loss of hearing. Of course, damage can also be caused due to noise pollution, where a very loud sound can actually cause a perforation of the eardrum. Temporary hearing loss, if not treated properly, can become permanent.
Otorrhagia can have a number of causes of its own. For example, other infections can sometimes cause bleeding from the ear. Children especially can sometimes develop a throat infection which has an added symptom of ear hemorrhaging. Damage to the temporal bone or tympanic membrane can have the same effect.

Treatment Of Otorrhagia

You’ll have happy to know that there are a lot of treatments for hearing loss, including natural remedies for hearing loss. These are especially for those who would prefer not to go for an invasive surgery to correct the problem, which is often undesirable because of the various side effects. However, these natural treatments do not present any such complications, and are therefore far preferable. Hearing loss can be reduced and often completely reversed by using these natural remedies for hearing loss.

  • Divya Sarivadi vati is a very effective remedy for hearing loss, tympanitis and otorrhagia. It can also be used to reduce the occurrence of frequent and recurring ear infections.
  • Divya Chandra Prabha vati can be used to reduce the pain of your earaches, and make your hearing more acute as well.
  • Divya Silajita Rasayana is a blanket medicine that can be used to treat practically any ear problem. You will find that it will give you fast relief from both pain and inflammation. It is entirely safe to be given to children as well.

Buy Package For Otorrhagia, Tympanitis Or Deafness

1 Pack $65.00 Free Shipping

Other Measures

Other than the Ayurvedic treatments for hearing loss mentioned above, there are other things that you can do to make sure your recovery is swift. Coping with an earache especially is a lot easier than you’d think, with a lot of home remedies for that particular issue. A few drops of water mixed with onion juice can be inserted into the ear using a dropper for pain relief, and the same thing can be done with almond juice, an extract of grapefruit or garlic. Another traditional remedy is mustard oil. If you are prone to ear problems, you should avoid using headphones and noise places. Junk food has been known to aggravate the problem, and so has a high intake of sugar. All these things should be avoided to keep your ears as healthy as possible.

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