Patanjali Boro Safe – Natural Herbal Antiseptic Cream

Patanjali Boro SafePatanjali Boro Safe cream is a natural antiseptic cream. Polluted environment and busy schedule has given birth to numbers of skin issues. Though dermatologist are there to come for our rescue but the chemical based solution that they provide only cures the problem and not eliminate the root cause of it. But, thanks to ayurveda that it has blessed us with Patanjali Boro Safe which is made up of neem, aloe-vera, tulsi, wheat germ oil, turmeric, tea tree oil, manjeeth, borax, anantmool, and kultaj. These ingredients are well known for their antiseptic as well as healing properties. Whether you need a natural mosituriser for your skin or you want to heal the cracks that is spoiling the beauty of your heels, Patanjali Boro Safe is there to solve your entire skin related issues. The perfect non greasy formula of Patanjali Boro Safe rejuvinate your skin and gives you a fresh and young look. The trea tea oil and turmeric act as natural antiseptic element and kill the infection causing bacteria and fungus. The wheat germ oil and vitamin E oil gives a natural glow to your skin. If you are looking for a product that can solve your entire skin issues and causes no side effects in long run then Patanjali Boro Safe is the best option for you. Patanjali boro safe works as a natural antiseptic and considered as a best antiseptic cream not only for wounds and cuts but also for everyday use.

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Patanjali Boro safe is an antiseptic cream that treats any kind of wounds quickly. It has herbal Antiseptic properties that prevent bacterial infection on the affected area. It is a natural Antiseptic cream to prevent various skin ailments.

As the name suggests Patanjali Boro safe is a natural antiseptic cream that has the capacity to heal any wounds. It offers quick healing without causing any side effects. It has completely herbal compounds and can treat various types of skin problems. It nourishes the skin and prevents any inflammation on your skin. It has antibacterial capacity and hence helps in quick recovery of any skin ailments. Moreover, it helps in skin rejuvenation and hence a very holistic product likes any other Patanjali ayurvedic products. As we have seen, Patanjali skin care products have also brought a revolution in the market and people have started using it on a frequent basis. Because of its twin effects like healing and beautifying of your skin, it is welcomed by all.

Best first-aid you will give to someone for healing wounds is actually Patanjali boro safe to leave a rapid impact in excess of wounds. You can use it to reduce any skin problem as this is a best antiseptic cream. This cream is constructed of all 100 % natural ingredients that enhance its benefits and help it become a natural antiseptic ointment. Its 100 % natural ingredients provide nutrients for the skin, prevent skin from inflammation and lots of other skin diseases. It may be immediately applied on wounds to quit the increase of bacteria along with bleeding. Infect, you may use this cream on a regular basis during winters to prevent your skin from dryness.

Benefits of using Patanjali Boro Safe

Being a herbal product Patanjali Boro Safe offers certain benefits that none of the allopath or chemical based skin cream can offer. Among innumerable numbers of benefits of this amazing natural antiseptic cream some can be illustrated as:

  • It helps in quick healing of the skin without resulting in any side effects. It can be used to speed up the healing process of any kind of wound or injury.
  • It will help you to get rid of chapped and dry skin.
  • It helps skin in regaining its lost moisture that is generally caused because change in weather. Using it regularly will result in soft and young skin.
  • Since it is herbal so you can use it in open wound or cuts.
  • It is generally advised by numbers of ayurvedic doctor for the treatment of various skin diseases such as, acne, eczema, pimples, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It provides quick relief from burning and itching sensation.
  • It delivers rapid relief from the actual detrimental side effects of the sun rays and rejuvenates skin color solar cells and provides natural even skin color.
  • It can be applied for pains, swelling, pieces, sores, yeast skin color microbe infections, rashes along with just about any skin disorder.
  • It at the same time can be used, intended for eczema, pimple, psoriasis along with acnes, and many others. Overall, it’s a variable tasking cream.
  • It helps you to get back humidity on your confront along with sustain this nicely that is required for your skin good quality.
  • You can apply this cream on your whole body as there are no restrictions to apply this cream, moreover, you can apply this cream on your lips to make them softer.
  • It helps in quick healing of your wounds like any other western antiseptic cream
  • It provides nutrition to your skin and thus prevents any skin inflammation. That is why it is useful for treating severe skin problems also
  • It is an antiseptic cream that prevents bacterial growth in the wound as we know bacteria can easily get deposited on your wound and caused infection
  • It stops bleeding in case of any injury and give faster relief from pain and swelling in the injured area
  • It has scar removal quality
  • It prevents dryness and cracking of your skin, which is very common during winter
  • It provides nourishment to your skin and leaves a very fresh feeling after every use
  • It is a good remedy for age related wrinkles, black spots and discoloration of your skin.

Advantages Of Using Patanjali Boro Safe

It is a natural Antiseptic cream, contains all natural herbs and no chemicals which will help in skin rejuvenation apart from healing your skin. The best part about this cream is that it can be applied in any of the body parts in case of injury and other complications.

It is useful to treat any kind of injury to your body. It can be used as a general skin care cream also which can be applied on overall body to save it from dry and getting chapped. It keeps your skin moisturized and brings back the vitality of your skin. It is a handy medicine for your home to treat various minor injuries to you and your children. It is an herbal Antiseptic cream that can be used for emergency treatment at your home and it causes no harmful effects. It leaves a cooling effect on your skin. Natural antiseptic cream offers innumerable advantages over the chemical based counterparts. The first and the best advantage is, they eliminate the root cause of the problem and fix them permanently. Advantages of this miraculous natural antiseptic cream are:

  • It is 100% ayurvedic and herbal and causes no side effects.
  • It is suitable for use for people of any gender or age group.
  • It is safe to use it for infants also
  • It is suitable for pockets of all income classes.
  • It is easily availble in your nearest ayurvedic medicine shop and you can even order it online also.
  • Its biggest advantage is it is made of all natural and organic ingredients that aid to present needed nutritional requirements and water towards skin color.
  • Best to use in winters to be able to safeguard skin color, style, dryness and roughness.
  • It helps to improve skin texture and give a quick impact on skin diseases.
  • Due to its virtues, it may be used with any kind of skin type, as it doesn’t present any problems for sensitive or maybe some other style of skin.

Indications where Patanjali Boro Safe Can be Used

Patanjali Boro Safe is an antiseptic cream which poses the properties that can heal all issues that are raised by bacteria or general infections. To figure out the skin issues is very easy. All you need to do is notice the problem and since problems are visible physically so you can also figure them out easily. The common indications where Patanjali Boro Safe can be used are:

  • General wound
  • Dryness
  • Itching problems
  • Wrinkle
  • Vaginal infections
  • Lice
  • Scabies
  • Cracking of skin
  • Discoloration
  • Dark spots
  • Can be applied on wounds, burns, cuts, minor and cracked foot.
  • Can supply for nearly just about every skin ailment.
  • It is an herbal Antiseptic cream indicated to treat any cuts, burns, bruises and cracked lips. It gives you smooth lips during winters
  • It is advised for the treatment of severe skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis, acne, pimples and dermatitis.
  • It contains natural Antiseptic properties that prevents itching and burning of the skin
  • It prevents the damage of your skin from the sun harmful rays.
  • It combines such natural elements like Tea Tree and Wheat Germ Oil which works wonders for your skin and treats any skin injury

Essential Ingredients Of Patanjali Boro Safe

  1. Aloe Barbadensis
  2. TrilicumSativum
  3. MelaeucaAlternifolla
  4. Borax
  5. HolarrhenaAntidysentrica
  6. HemidesmusIndicus
  7. RubiaCordifolia
  8. Corcuma Longa
  9. Ocimum Sanctum
  10. AzadirachtaIndica

Directions for taking product

Process of using Patanjali Boro Safe is not a cumbersome one involving lots of do’s and don’ts. First figure out the problem clearly and then use it accordingly. For skin issues like itching, dryness, and rashes it is advised to massage it gently over the specific area twice a day or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor.

Thoroughly clean the actual affected spot to get rid of airborne debris from it, after that employs this lotion directly on the area with hygienic fingers. Apart from using this medicine, a personal feet care is necessary in order to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. A daily massage with oil and cleaning of your feet are must for everyone. Together with that, a nutritious diet should also be in the check list as diet plays an important role for the betterment of our skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very good for your skin as they nourish your skin and make it healthy. Your skin needs a good amount of water to keep it moisturized. So, consume water as much as you can to keep your skin healthy.

Buy Patanjali Boro Safe  (50 gm)

1 Pack $11.00 Free Shipping

2 Pack $21.00 Free Shipping

3 Pack $29.00 Free Shipping

5 Pack + 1 Pack Free $50.00 Free Shipping

How To Use Patanjali Boro Safe

Patanjali Boro Safe should be used as per to the direction of ayurvedic doctor. Since dosage might vary with the intensity and the nature of problem so it is advised to first find the nature of skin problem. Though, it is safe to use twice a day. You possibly can apply this cream 2 times each day or even seeing that skin specialist advocate. Apply it evenly on the wounds two times in day. However, it is recommended to consult with a doctor before using it. A regular use is indicated.

Note: This cream is for external use only.

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