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Patanjali Ujwala Washing Powder 1 kg

Patanjali Ujwala Washing PowderPatanjali Ujwala washing powder is the finest mix of herbal ingredients, which can clean your clothes from the core areas. As this product is the finest collection of herbal ingredients, therefore; it won’t cause any harm to your clothes. It helps in cleaning your dirty clothes gently, without hampering the fibers. Other washing powders have chemicals infused in it. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to maintain longevity of your items. Well, with this washing powder from the brand name Patanjali, you do not have to worry about the washing sessions, anymore.

A little bit of detergent is required for cleaning the clothes. It means a single pack is going to last long. Just mix a little bit of washing powder with water, and soak your clothes for few minutes. After that, you can rinse the fabrics without putting in much pressure.

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Benefits Of Patanjali Ujwala Washing Powder

Among so many types of washing powders available, nothing can beat the importance of Ujwala powder. It is fascinating and at the same time comprises of some impeccable values.

  • The herbal ingredients ensure to clean the clothes from deep pores, and keep the fabric intact. As this powder is free from chemicals, so the fabrics will not wear off with every wash.
  • This powder comprises of lemon extracts, which help in cleaning even the toughest of all dirt. And with its refreshing lemon smell, you can easily feel the cleanliness of the product more.
  • Furthermore, the washing powder is skin-friendly. Some washing powders might make the clothes rough and dry, which can hurt your skin. But with product from Patanjali, you do not have to think about any such problems.

Advantages Of Patanjali Ujwala Washing Powder

Well, the Patanjali Ujwala washing powder comprises of neem extract to it. This product is known for its anti-bacterial effect. So, it means the washing powder will clean your clothes and make them free form bacteria. It will make the clothes safer to be worn later. After every wash, get your clothes back, as good as new. And you will need little amount of washing powder and get all your clothes washed, in no time.

Buy  Patanjali Ujwala Washing Powder 1 kg

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Ways to use the Ujwala Washing Powder

There are some simple steps, used while working with Patanjali Ujwala washing powder. You have to take half scoop of the powder and mix it with cold water. Soak all your dirty clothes in that bucket of water for few hours. If you want to soak the clothes overnight, you have the liberty to do so. Do not worry, as that might not weaken the fibers of your clothes. You can wash the clothes off with plain water after some time for best results, ever. The items are sure to last long, and will turn your clothes clean and soft.

The clothes are properly cleaned and with a nice fragrance, which will linger long. As the item is 100% herbal, therefore, it is going to be safer for your skin, too. It can even be used for removing stains from the clothes, as well, which are otherwise hard to remove.

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