Shahnaz Hussain Pearl Cream

pearl-creamShahnaz Hussain Pearl Cream – Get Glowing And Youthful Skin In A Herbal Way. It is the dream of every woman to appear beautiful and possess a fair complexion. Even though some of us are blessed with a naturally fair skin tone, there are others who want to get that perfect skin type. And with the wide range of cosmetics available in the market these days, one’s choices are many. Right from beauty creams, skin whitening creams, lotions and moisturizers, there is a wide variety of beauty products to choose from. These creams come with many essential elements like vitamins and minerals to impart a natural beauty to your face and skin. In addition, some of these also serve the dual purpose of a beauty cream and a sun block too preventing the harmful ultra violet radiations from penetrating the skin cells. These cosmetics vary in their overall composition, each ingredient serving a specific purpose. Hence you can pick one as per your skin texture and color. For example different creams are available for oily, normal and dry skin textures. Nowadays, with a myriad of beauty brands flooding t
he market, making the right choice is not so difficult after all.
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Pearl Cream by Shahnaz Hussain

Shahnaz Hussain is the most talked about brand when it comes to beauty products. Keeping in view the desire of women to look naturally beautiful, Shahnaz Hussain has launched the Shahnaz Hussain Pearl Cream in the market. This cream is based on an ancient ayurvedic concept that dates back to almost 4000 years earlier. Finely powdered natural pearls are used as the key ingredient in this beauty cream. They lead to the uniform lightening of the skin color hence enriching the overall skin tone and adding radiance to it. It also effectively improves skin texture. Bestowed with natural elements such as vital vitamins, minerals and proteins, the cream provides natural nourishment to the skin and also plays the role of a whitening agent. Its overall moisturizing property moisturizes the skin and ensures that the skin assumes a natural glow.

Skin Benefits

The powdered pearls present in the Shahnaz Hussain Pearl Cream are known to significantly reduce the formation of melanin on the skin hence preventing it from darkening. It also prevents the formation of black spots and freckles on the skin, at the same time keeping it safe from the dangerous ultra violet radiations emitted from the sunlight. The natural ingredients present in the cream such as amino acids are easily absorbed and moisturize the skin and function at the cellular level supporting rapid cell regeneration. This helps to repair the skin naturally and leads to a rejuvenating effect. Hence the regular application of the pearl cream helps to preserve the youthful grace while keeping away the effects of ageing.

The pearl cream is a completely herbal formulation that helps restore lost vigor and youthfulness to a skin and even enriches an already fair skin. It is an active combination of old ayurvedic formula and other completely natural products that have been tried and tested to improve skin texture. The aromatic fragrance of the cream due to the inherent extracts of rose also makes it pleasant to use.

Key ingredients

The main ingredients used in the pearl cream are Pearl powder, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot extract, Rose distillate.

Directions for use

It is recommended that one should first cleanse the area around the neck and face before application. After this, apply a small quantity of the pearl cream on the face and neck areas while avoiding the eyes and leave it on. Once it dries off, wash it preferably with milk or just water. Apply it twice a day for the best results.

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Since the pearl cream is an herbal product, the possibility of having any side effects on the skin is minimal. However one should be careful and avoid its contact with eyes as it may lead to allergic reaction or even eye irritation and itching. Apart from that all the ingredients used in the formulation of the cream are natural and hence are not known to have any reactions on the skin. One should ensure to apply this cream regularly for observing the best possible effects.

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