SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets For Irregular Menstrual Periods & Leucorrhoea

SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin TabletsSBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets for treating vaginal discharge. Leucorrhoea or vaginal discharge is one of the most common issues that woman face. The secretion is not always related to some fertility issue but also depends upon the psychological health or the life style. Medical intervention is not always needed but it can be a serious concern if you see blood stains, foul smelling and profuse bleeding along with a sudden change in color. Slight secretion is normal but it doesn’t have that pungent smell and is usually sticky and slimy. The secretion can vary according to the menstrual cycle, emotional stress and ovulation but if it is a sign of Irregular Menstrual Periods then it must be treated timely. SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets caters to cure women health issues related to irregular menstrual periods and leucorrhea.
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unhealthy lifestyle, bad sanitation, Hormonal changes. However, whatever may be the reason; SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets can help you get rid of the symptoms of leucorrhoea as soon as possible. Women usually avoid these symptoms but these are not to be avoided. It is considered to be the best leucorrhoea homeopathic treatment with possess no side-effects at all.

Hence, SBL homeopathic PELVORIN TABLETS is the best solution to get rid of Leucorrhoea or vaginal discharge. It doesn’t matter how chronic the discharge is, the same can be treated with SBL homeopathic PELVORIN TABLETS. Since the vaginal discharge is caused due to bacteria and fungus so SBL homeopathic PELVORIN TABLETS is the most safe and natural way to get rid of vaginal discharge. It is considered to be the natural leucorrhoea treatment.

Reason for Leucorrhoea are many such as Trichomonal vaginitis, Cervicitis, Monilial vaginitis, improper lifestyle, Unhygienic surroundings, Hormonal turbulence etc but no matter what the reason you are suffering with SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets can bring about a relief in it. Women usually find the symptom worth avoiding but if you see a whitish discharge, weakness, lethargy, constipation, pain in lumbar region or very frequent headache then these tablets can be quite effective.

SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets are the ultimate and final way to fight with all the physical issues a woman deal with. It is an amazing homeopathic product, made of the natural and effective homeopathy drugs; thus, free from any side effect. This medicine is really helpful to the women suffering from irregular menstrual periods, chronic menstrual pain or dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, menopausal symptoms, problems during pregnancy, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, backache, severe pain in the pelvis and uterus, etc. It soothes the reproductive system of the women and relieves from all these kinds of pains, hence we can consider it as the women reproductive tonic. Although SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets give a hit to almost all the problems a woman undergoes, it is the best for curing the leucorrhoea.

Before we proceed to discuss how effective is this medicine to cure leucorrhoea, who have to know about this certain physical condition.

It is a specific health condition when a whitish or yellowish thick discharge comes from the female genitals. It is very much common situation experienced by women under some specific circumstances. But, the excessive white discharge with a foul smell along with irritation, and inflammation in the vagina is a matter of concern. From poor hygiene, and urinary infection to diabetes, there are many causes to leucorrhea.

Health Benefits Of Sbl Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets

The tablets are made of a homeopathic combination that help treating all women related issues. The product is natural and has no side effects. Besides treating leucorrhea it improve the menstruation cycle, back pain, pain in uterus and pelvis and even DUB. Regular intake has been seen healthy for improve unseen disorders and relief all discomfort and mood swings. The main components are alumina, sepia, pulsatilla nigricans, kreosotum and borex which combine together is a perfect remedy for Irregular Menstrual Periods which is the main culprit for Leucorrhoea

Some women even suffer with a common problem of blood clots during menstruation, Pelvorin Tablets are good from treating that as well and you will feel a clear flow which is good for the body. It is an excellent product for fighting the problems that comes along with menopause. As women ages you have to go through lot of discomfort and hormonal changes. Now you do not have to undergo a HRT that stands for Hormone Replacement therapy to get rid of these symptoms. 4 tablets a day and you life will be changed, there will be no signs of depression, mood swings and most importantly the unwanted pain that women have to go through just because they are a reproductive animal.
Pelvorin Tablets are highly recommended for abnormal bleeding, itching in the vaginal area, and back pain during menstruation, discomfort in genital area, and most importantly leucorrhea.

  • Pelvorin Tablets are the most successful way to cure the symptoms of leucorrhea. It soothes the female reproductive organs, alleviating the signs of this certain health problems.
  • It terminates the excessive vaginal discharge, backaches, headache, etc.
  • This medicine acts as the fast relief to the disorder and problems, regarding irregular menstrual periods.
  • It provides relief to the menstrual pain during the menstruation in a woman.
  • This medicine helps to retain pregnancy, through normalizing the regulation of menstruation cycle.
  • A woman faces a lot of health issues during and after her menopause. Some women go for the hormonal replacement therapy to reduce the symptoms related to menopause. Pelvorin is the natural and safe way to deal with the symptoms of menopause.
  • SBL homeopathic PELVORIN TABLETS is a pure homeopathic medicine to treat women related problems. Being homeopathic, it has no side effects and cures all the problems naturally.
  • Apart from treating vaginal discharge, the SBL homeopathic PELVORIN TABLETS also gives you relief from untimely periods, pain in uterus, back pain, pelvis etc.
  • Regular intake of SBL homeopathic PELVORIN TABLETS imporves the unseen problems and gives you relief from the mood swings and any discomfort.
  • SBL homeopathic PELVORIN TABLETS helps to get rid of Irregular Menstrual Periods which is the chief reason for vaginal discharge. The key components of the tablets include alumina, sepia, pulsatilla nigricans, kreosotum and borex.
  • SBL homeopathic PELVORIN TABLETS treat common problem of blood clots during menstruation. The blood flow finally becomes smooth which is good for a healthy body.
  • PELVORIN TABLETS helps to fight the common issues that are accompanied with menopause. It helps women to get rid of all the discomfort and hormonal changes.
  • Pelvorin tablets also treat signs of depression, unwnated pain and mood swings.
  • Pelvorin Tablets are highly suggested for irregular bleeding, discomfort in the vaginal area, and back pain during perios, discomfort in genital area, and especially leucorrhea.

The Composition of Pelvorin Tablets

Alumina- This drug is effective for leucorrhea with burning sensation.

Borax- Borax is effective for the thick discharge like the egg white, with redness, and chronic gripping pain.

Sepia- Sepia is effective for yellow to greenish discharge, with redness and irritation, and for delayed and irregular menstrual periods.

Kreosotum- This homeopathy remedy is a proper cure for leucorrhea with constant itching.

Pulsatilla Nigricans- This drug is effective on white to yellowish discharge with a painful backache and headache.

What are the Symptoms of Leucorrhoea?

  • Whitish, yellowish, or greenish discharge from the vagina.
  • Irritation and redness in the genitals.
  • Foul smell.
  • Serious cramps in the pelvis.
  • Indigestion, constipation, and fatigue.
  • Lethargy and weakness.

If you are suffering from these symptoms, the proper cure can be none other than the SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets.

Indication of SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets

SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets cures leucorrhoea and its related symptoms, you get relief from excess vaginal discharge, itching, redness, weakness, backache and even mental trauma.

SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets helps to treat leucorrhoea or vaginal discharge and all the symptoms related to it. The tablets helps to give you relief from itching, redness, back ache, vaginal discharge and also the mental trauma.

Buy SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets 25 gm

1 Bottle $14.00 Free

Directions & dosage for taking SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets

SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin 4 Tablets must be taken 4 times a day that can reduce to 3 tablets once you get positive results. However, if the symptoms still persists, consulting doctor is required.

Composition of SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets and action of individual components-

  1. Alumina – Cures vaginal discharge, itching, discomfort
  2. Borax – Cures vaginal discharge, back pain, irregular menses etc.
  3. Sepia – Cure vaginal discharge, too late menses, pain etc.
  4. Kreosotum – Cures Leucorrhoea, itching, burning and swelling of labia
  5. Pulsatilla Nigricans – Cures painful conditions of the female reproductive system

SBL Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets is the best remedy to be used by women to get rid offs all the unwanted disorders, vaginal discharge etc. in a natural way with no side-effects at all. Consult a doctor before starting a doe of it and get desired results.


So far no contraindications are known and are highly safe for use.

Dosage Of Sbl Homeopathy Pelvorin Tablets

4 tables 4 times a day is prescribed that can be continued for a week which can be reduced to 3 times once the discharge reduces. Consult a physician before use for better results.

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