Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub

Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal ScrubScrubs are an important part of our daily routine and come in several add-ons helping us to clean our skin. Various people encounter struggle while removing their tan and get back their beautiful, gorgeous skin radiant as before. For helping you in the process here is Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub, making your job to be easy and removing the tan from the skin. It also serves as brightening cream whitening your skin by gently removing away all the tan making your skin to look fairer and simplifying the difficult job of tan removal.

There are many benefits that you will experience while using it:

  • With the TanSolve Beads of the new scrub, you can easily remove the tan and get a bright, radiant fresh skin.
  • It has 50% ingredients of a brightening cream, making your skin to look fairer by cleansing it thoroughly.
  • Get a fresh feeling with the help of scrub and restore back your fairness by boosting tan removal process.
  • It is suitable for all skin types and people with fair, medium or dark skin can easily access the scrub to cleanse the dirt.
  • The only facial cleanser as it is specially designed for taking out the dead cells, offering you radiant and fair skin.

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The advantages of regular use of tan removal scrub:

  • The scrub is affordable and easily available, allowing you to remove the impurities from the skin without any trouble.
  • It doesn’t make the skin feel dry or stretchy working as moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated at its best.
  • No sort of oiliness is present in the scrub as compared to other similar products offered in the market.
  • Cleanses the skin and removes the mild tan, it is soft and gentle that is important while using a product on the skin.
  • The granules are soft and the scrub can be used daily without encountering any sort of trouble.

White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub from Pond’s is packed in a plastic tube like all the face washes with a top flip strong cap. The scrub is like a thick cream like their face and smells like the white beauty cream available by the company. The particles of the scrub are tiny making it a very gentle scrub removing away all tan aiding you to get a fairer skin easily.

For using the scrub wet your face, gently massage scrub onto face and rinse off. It shouldn’t be used under the eye area/ active acne/ irritated or broken skin. The results of the scrub are quite well, making the skin to look brighter and works best for daily wear for the beauties that have a dry-skin. It lathers very well on the face and is very creamy texture feeling more like a cleanser than a scrub allowing you to access it with ease.

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