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Treatment Of Premature EjaculationHimalaya Confido is a great natural remedy for sexual disorders among men. Sexual disorder in men can give rise to various complications including impotency which can seriously affect his conjugal life. Premature ejaculation is one of the common problems among modern men. Ayurveda is mostly recommended for the treatment of premature ejaculation in men as it has no harmless contents. This product can help to regain sexual stamina by increasing the testosterone level which is the major sex hormone in males. It will restore his confidence and bring stability to his married life. One of the main causes of premature ejaculation is a low amount of testosterone levels in the body for which a man finds it difficult to manage an erection. It can effectively check the anxiety and stress level among men which is also a responsible factor for erectile dysfunction. This is the most powerful and natural way to attain a long lasting erection. As the name suggests, it can bring back the lost confidence among men by restoring their sexual prowess.
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Health benefits

A man suffers from sexual dysfunction when the body is unable to the release proper amount of testosterone. Himalaya Confido can treat this condition as it has androgenic qualities which will increase the sperm level in the body. It is rich in male hormonal properties which can fight against a decreasing number of testosterone in the body. It prevents premature ejaculation as it possesses the capacity to regulate the ejaculation and give men the necessary control over ejaculation. It maintains the ejaculation process through neuroendocrine route which controls sex hormones. It improves the seminal quality of sperm so as to increase fertility among men. It can treat impotency arise from any reasons. It makes the person calm and relaxed and thus helping him to stay away from any kind of performance related anxiety during intercourse. It can tremendously increase the sex drive among men and encourage them to engage in sexual encounters in a frequent manner. It is a real male confidence booster.


Himalaya Confido is a male confidence booster which works in a very safe manner in the main centers of the brain which controls emotion and work directly on the sex organs. Since sex is a matter of both physical and mental arousal in the body, the product contributes in both the ways to maintain an erection for longer time. It prevents premature ejaculation which can affect both in the physical and mental well being of a man. Such a condition will make him less confident and depressed which will have an impact on his overall health. The best part about the product is that it will naturally help a man to attain a superb erection without any side effects.


Himalaya Confido is a natural supplement for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. It can specially treat any kind of sexual disorders in men including Spermatorrhea, ejaculation in excessive amounts which can affect a person’s health. Secondly it is an herbal remedy for the treatment of premature ejaculation which is a growing concern among the modern generation of men. Thirdly, it can cure Nocturnal emission which creates much embarrassment for males. Commonly known as nightfall, Nocturnal Emission is a problematic condition for many males. It refers to the sudden ejaculation of semen at night without engaging in any sexual activities. The product is purely herbal ingredients like Small Caltrops (Gokshura), Suvarnavang, Cowhage, Lettuce and many other various types of herbs which can act altogether to promote great sexual health among men. These herbs are known as sexual stimulators since ancient times. They can increase sperm count among men and improve the quality of sperms. They can make the penile tissues stronger, thus helping a man to maintain a proper long lasting erection. If anyone suffers from sexual disorder and found his libido is tilting, this is the best product for him. It can effectively fight against the causes of premature ejaculation.

Directions for taking the product

Before using the product, it is advisable to consult to any physician who can administer the proper amount after analyzing your condition. It is available in the form of tablets. Himalaya Herbals is world trusted brand in the field of healthcare. Himalaya products are clinically tested which can give you the guaranteed results

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In normal conditions, it is recommended to take one tablet daily one hour before hitting the bed.

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