Privacy Policy

Today so many people feel a little hesitated when there is talk of health issues and if you need to discuss that on web then would be strict “no” by many of them. The main reason behind this thought is clear that they don’t want to reveal their identity an also not willing that world would know about the same as well. But when you have clicked to our website then we would like make you assure that your requirements are our main priority.

When we work for any person the main motto of that is to keep the solitude of the customer in mind. The main motive of whole criteria is to just keep all your personal information covered. You have given your personal details to us and show full faith over us and mind it even we would never shake that faith. The personal details like email address, name, contact no, diseases and product name of which you are using is never disclosed to anyone. Even if you are not in the favour then wouldn’t appear on the public site.

Some of the website uses the personal details for sending their newsletters and promotional advertisements as well as marketing but for keeping your trust in save we are not indulged in any kind of such activity. Anytime for any purpose we will never use your personal details without getting permission from you. Even if you still don’t convince with our words and don’t want to share your details then no issues because you are able to visit the website and take a look at the products as well.

So, without any doubt in mind, share your email address, name and some other information with us because sometimes it is necessary to get suggestions as well as views asked by you. Your personal details are also required when you need to get answers for your question or you want us to send any products for disease. Your details are used by website for business announcement principles. We reply to the email address from where we get mails. We are never in the favour of sharing your information with other companies.

Still you are requested to take a look to the privacy policy after small intervals because company is free to make changes in that at any time. Also, if you need to make any changes in already provided information then feel free to contact us at any time so that can make changes in our records as well.