Lotus Herbals Raspberry Lip balm

Lotus Herbals Lip BalmWe often crave for glowing skin and a flawless complexion. We also try to make sure that we do not have fat tissues around our jaw line and neck but what about our lips. One of the most important features of our face. Lips define a lot and are easily one of the most attractive features. But they need to be taken care of. Now, there are moisturisers for protecting our lips which we call as lip balms. These balms prevent cracking or drying of the lips and makes them look luscious, soft and pink. Yes, we are taking about Lotus Herbals Raspberry lip balm.

Benefits of applying Lotus Herbals Raspberry Lip balm

  • It helps in preventing drying of the lips. The moisturisers and the oils in the balm help preserving the moisture even in cold weather.
  • Dry winds of winter often take away the moisture and pink ness of the lips. But, Lotus herbals raspberry lip balm has jojoba oil which prevents lips from cracking or drying even during the winters.
  • Not just prevents, it also nourishes the lips in return. The almond oil in the balm helps with the nourishment of the lips.
  • With almond oil as a rich source of vitamin E, you can easily nourish your lips in the most natural manner without using chemicals.

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Advantages of using Raspberry Lip balm

  1. The raspberry flavoured lip balm smells amazing and is considered pleasant by everyone. Therefore, you’ll never feel uncomfortable because of the fragrance as it is mild.
  2. The balm is made up of natural components. It has almond oil and jojoba extract. It is one hundred percent free of chemicals as well and is totally safe to use and apply on a regular basis.
  3. With the double action of nourishing and softening the lips, it is a complete tool for protecting your lips against the harsh winter winds as well.
  4. The balm also contains honey which renders its antimicrobial properties to the balm. This helps in taking care of infections as well.
  5. Natural Constituents like wheat germ, almond and jojoba oil are present in the balm which help in maintaining the texture and softness throughout the year. Even during harsh winters, you can retain the tenderness of your lips by regular application.

Indications for using lotus herbals Lip balm

If your lips are chapped and dry, it is imperative you use this natural lip balm. In addition, for maintaining the softness and pinkness, this lip balm is really helpful and should be used as well.

Directions for applying the balm

Apply the balm stick on your lips and make sure you cover the entire lips.

Buy Lotus Herbals Lip Balm Raspberry 5gm

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Dosage Of Lip balm

You can apply the balm twice a day. Morning and evening. However, you can apply after meals as well that is if you feel there’s a need.

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