Dabur Gulabari Rose Water

Dabur GulabariEvery One wishes for a fresh skin which blossoms like rose and is soft. But due to the pollution, sometimes it becomes impossible to keep your skin clean and fresh as you are everyday stepping out of your house. Dabur India was the only brand which had introduced the advantages of rose in the mode of Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. The significance of roses is encased by Dabur Gulabari and the equity of Dabur Gulabari is derived from ‘Rose’. It is best used as a face freshener. Instead of water, you can use it for natural face care and for getting a glowing skin like a rose. This is an excellent product by which the texture of your skin will get refined.

Rose water and its benefits

There are endless benefits which you can receive from Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. The main benefit is that it helps in cleaning the skin. It is also helpful for natural skin remedies. Those who have sensitive skin, for them it has to be used regularly without any fail as it moisturizes the skin very well. It also acts as a skin toner that is completely natural. After a hectic day, it can be used as a face freshener for feeling fresh. Most importantly it helps in revitalizing the skin. It can also be mixed with a facial pack and used. The moisture balance is very well maintained by the Dabur Gulabari  so that your skin does not remain oily. It also protects the skin from elements that can damage the skin and so it is also used for natural skin remedies. The natural extracts of rose found in  Gulabari Rose Water helps in eliminating dullness and as well as dryness for providing the skin with a radiance just like the rose.

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Symptoms of having bad skin

As soon as you are stepping out of the house, you and your skin gets exposed to a lot of damaging elements which can perhaps be harmful for your health. Sometimes when you touch your skin, you may feel that it is rough and dry. It may also seem very dull and dark patches and patchy lines might also occur. Sometimes you will also see the occurrence of blackheads on your nose which means that the dust particles are stuck on your nose and which is definitely not good for your skin. These are the indications or the symptoms by which you can understand that your skin is not smooth and supple as it should be. The best way to avoid all these problems is to use Dabur Gulabari  which consists of aromatic properties and is a great toner for skin and is used for natural face care.


The skin is a very sensitive thing which has to be taken care of very gently and with the correct products. The skin of every individual is different in feel, texture and color and accordingly the proper care has to be taken. When it comes to your skin, you cannot be lethargic and act carelessly about it. The skin has to be soft and glowing. But many people sometimes fail to take care of it. Often they go to sleep without removing their make up or often they forget to wash their faces after coming back home from outside which is so polluted. All these can severely affect your skin. But if you use Rose Water, you will be able to get rid of all the problems. It moisturizes the skin and can be directly used instead of water. It is made of natural extracts of rose and is a great skin toner and helps in soothing the skin.

The usage of Dabur Gulabari Rose Water

It is such a product which you will have to use every day and at least two times in a day. First of all you have to clean the face with a cotton that has been made wet by Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. When you are applying a face pack, you can add the rose water so as to make the skin look more beautiful and glowing.

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