Rumanor Capsules – Natural Remedies For Arthritis, Joint Pain

joint painThe thought of imagining oneself with joint pain or conditions where it is very difficult to move and get dependent on others is horrible. But, everyone is not very lucky and blessed to have a normal and physically as well as mentally fit life. Diseases like arthritis are the villains that almost come in the life of everyone. Moreover, the poor eating habit and hectic as well as unhealthy lifestyle has also contributed a lot in the increasing cases of arthritis. No matter what the reasons are behind it, what matters more is the remedy for it. For this reason ayurveda has formulated Rumanor capsules with herbs like tulsi, mahayograjguggul, peepali, sunth, piplamool, kuth, jai phal, dalchini, lavang, shudhkuchla, and meethisuranjan which are having therapeutic properties. If you are also suffering from the horrible pain of arthritis and tired of using medicines that have no effect on you then try Rumanor capsules which guarantees 100 % result. For getting relief from the pain of arthritis Rumanor capsules is very helpful.
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Benefits of Rumanor capsules

Anything which is natural offers loads of benefits that we even cannot count. Similarly being one of the most recommended natural remedies for arthritis, Rumanor capsules offer you uncountable benefits. Few of them can be listed as:

  • Safe and recommended for the use of people of all age group, but pregnant ladies should avoid using it.
  • 100% herbal and natural and causes no side-effects in the long run.
  • Have longer shelves life.
  • Easily available.
  • Comes in a portable and easy to carry container.
  • Economic, and suitable for the pockets of people of all economic group.

Advantages of Rumanor capsules

Before buying anything you look for the advantages of the product that appeals you most. It is not only in the case of cosmetic or hosiery or any such similar goods, but also in the case of ayurvedic medicines where you get more than one options. But, since ayurveda offers multiple advantages in the single pack so buying Rumanor capsules will not disappoint you. Following are the advantages of using Rumanor capsules which is peculiar to only Rumanor capsules:

  1. Ingredients like meethisuranjan helps in providing strength to the bones by repairing the damage cells and helping the body to flush out toxins from the body.
  2. Presence of nutmeg enables body to regain its immunity and warm nature of nutmeg helps the system to process the breaking of calcium molecules so that it can be absorbed by the bones.
  3. Tulsi helps body to fight against the foreign elements. The antibacterial property of tulsi helps body to retain its immunity and stay fit and strong.
  4. Anti-inflamatory property of Rumanor capsules stop further inflammation and make it one of the best remedies of joint pain.

Indications to Use Rumanor capsules

Ayurvedic or herbal medicine often finds their way in the treatment of various diseases. Rumanor capsules are also indicated in various issues. Few of them can be listed as:

It is recommended in reducing the pain in critical cases of Spondylitis.

  • It is one of the best natural remedies for arthritis.
  • Because of its herbal nature it is known as the best remedies for joint pain.
  • In older age it is seen that ligaments becomes weak and becomes the reason of most of the fracture, Rumanor capsules can be used for strengthening of ligaments.
Direction for taking Rumanor capsules

For all the general and normal level of arthritis pain one tablet of Rumanor capsules should be taken in empty stomach thrice a day. Since uric acid also contributes to increase the pain so it is advised to eat food which do not increase the uric acid level in the body. All protein rich food should be avoided, instead calcium and vitamin C rich food should be taken.

Dosage of Rumanor capsules

One tablet of Rumanor capsules should be taken thrice a day for getting rid of joint pain. But, since level and severity of joint pain varies with person to person, so, it is advised to take the medicine as per to the direction of physician.

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