SBL Homeopathy Mullein Ear Drops

SBL Homeopathy Mullein Ear DropsSBL has prepared an effective product for the ear ailments. The SBL homeopathy Mullein ear drops has been prepared by keeping in mind a combination of homeopathic remedies that are traditionally proven for the ear diseases. Earache is a common complaint in children as they are much delicate to catch ear infections as compared to adults. These earaches can be caused due to frequent colds and tonsillitis which often lead to ear infections.

SBL has prepared product with an effective formula for several diseases of ear. These homeopathic ear drops are an innovative combination of homeopathic remedies that provide quick relief from earache. Since these drops are made using the natural homeopathic products, these are absolutely safe and do not have any risk of side effects. Earache might occur due to infection as well and Mullein ear are helpful in providing relief from earache immediately.

Sometimes, there might be temporary loss of hearing due to accumulation of pus or mucus in the ear. It helps in the removal of pus & mucus from the ear and protects hearing. Infection is particularly common among children. Mullein homeopathic ear drops are very much useful for ear problems in children as it gives relief in pain and other signs and symptoms. The main ingredient of Mullein Ear Drops is the extract of mullein flower. SBL’s Mullein ear drops best works on the dryness and scaly condition of the meatus and earache. They are being used for ages for preventing ear problems.

As far as the composition of Mullein ear drops is considered, there is Mullein flower extract 10%, Glycerine 20%, Acidum benzolcum 20%, Acidum boracicum 2%, Acidum carbolicum 1% and Chloroformium 2%.
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What are the Benefits for using SBL’s Mullein ear drops?

Various benefits of the SBL Mullein ear drops have been listed as under:

1. Mullein ear drops give immediate relief from earache without producing any side effect at all.

2. It is prepared from unique time tested homeopathic remedies that are traditionally believed to be beneficial for all diseases of the ear. They have been considered as the best ear drops available.

3. Sbl Mullein homeopathic ear drops are absolutely safe and these are natural product which can be used for any kind of ear disease for any age group.

4. Sbl Mullein homeopathic ear drops can prove to be a boon for children who frequently suffer from ear infection. Mullein homeopathic ear drops help to protect recurrent attacks of earache in children because of infection in middle ear. Mullein ear drops help in the removal of pus and mucus from the ear completely and protects hearing.

5. People with partial deafness can get remarkable results when mullein ear drops are used for a longer period.

6. Mullein ear drops are very helpful in the completely removal of wax inside the ear and it also helps in clear hearing process.

7. Sbl Mullein homeopathic ear drops removes dryness of the ear by lubricating with natural oils.

8. Sbl Mullein homeopathic ear drops can help in preventing ear problems naturally and gives good hearing power.

What are the Advantages of SBL Mullein Ear Drops?

When the middle ear gets infected, continuous discharge might be there. SBL mullein ear drops have shown excellent results in such cases where people were suffering from middle ear infection. Sometimes when the symptoms of pain and inflammation show up in the ear, use of mullein ear drops on a regular basis would help to prevent its recurrent infection and thereby reducing the symptoms of irritation.

People with partial hearing loss due to an accident or some infection can also use these drops for a longer period of time. These best ear drops would provide you good hearing power without the need of any antibiotics or painkillers.

What indications should be there for using SBL’s Mullein ear drops?

When earache occurs in a person due to factors such as otitis media, eruption of external ear, itching and irritation in ear, fungal infections, and swimmer’s ear and so on, the SBL mullein ear drops could be used. It is recommended for people suffering recurrent ear infections for all age group.

What are the Directions for Taking the Product?

The person should lie down on bed comfortably on one side and the affected ear should be upwards. Then, straighten the ear canal by stretching the skin of the ear and put in the ear drops. It is highly recommended that one consults a doctor before going for the treatment.

In What dosage should the SBL’s Mullein ear drops be taken?

Instil 4 drops from Mullein Ear Drops bottle into the ear 4 times a day. The SBL’s Mullein ear drops bottle is presented in a bottle of 10ml.

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