Divya Sitopaladi Churna: A Natural Medicine For Throat Illness

divya sitopaladi churnaDivya Sitopaladi Choorna is one of the best Ayurvedic products for the purpose which has the capacity to offer remedies to any symptoms of bronchitis and other form of infection related to the respiratory tract in humans. Respiratory diseases are on the rise due to various reasons. Bronchitis is a severe disorder which needs proper medical attention. To treat a disease like bronchitis, Ayurveda is preferred because of the absence of side effects.

Health Benefits Of Using Divya Sitopaladi Choorna

  • Patients suffering from all the symptoms of bronchitis should try out this product to have immediate relief. It contains natural bronchitis remedies that can release the mucus from the respiratory tubes.
  • It is a natural healer of asthma, a deadly respiratory illness. It can cure all the signs and symptoms of the diseases and prevent its recurrences. Especially Young children who suffer from this illness should take this medicine to increase their immunity to fight against it.
  • It can give permanent remedy to any throat problem as it contains well researched herbs that can cure any breathing difficulty. Also, it can prevent any recurrent attack so that the patients can get relieved. It is a medicine extremely useful for winters as in cold, respiratory illness get aggravated.
  • It can help to stay away from any general cough and cold as it is an immunity booster. In the language of Ayurveda this medicine is used to balance the kapha system in our body.

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Advantages Of Using Divya Sitopaladi Choorna

  1. Western medicines can give only temporary relief to the bronchitis problem, but it can eradicate the illness. It can be taken for a longer duration of time as it is all natural.
  2. It offers natural bronchitis remedies, as it has the capacity to release the mucus that gets deposited in the respiratory tract and causes persistent cough and congestion.
  3. It gives maximum energy to the respiratory cells and makes them to function in an active manner. It provides nourishment to all the organs in the respiratory tract and prevents any possible attack.
  4. It gives wonderful throat treatment as it is helpful to curb out any throat related infection. It can remove acute and chronic cough problem for once and all. It can save you from chest congestion caused by mucus. It can treat dry cough problems also.
  5. It can treat the running nose condition caused by an allergic reaction. It can treat bleeding from the nose.
  6. It can be used by people of any age. It is even safe for mother to be and those who are lactating.

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Indications Of Sitopaladi Choorna

  • It is indicated for both acute and bronchitis illness which is caused by viral or bacterial infection in the bronchial tract. Bronchitis refers to an inflammation in the respiratory tract whereby mucus gets deposited and causes congestion in the respiratory process. The mucus developed in the respiratory tubes that are responsible for carrying out the air between the nose and lungs. In short, it can give instant throat treatment.
  • Even this medicine can help in the active functioning of the digestive organs. It is indicated for indigestion and loss of sensation in the tongue.
  • It offers the necessary nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals, which enhance the immune system in human and help the body to become stronger by preventing any illness. It can remove any general body weakness.
  • Moreover, it is given in the treatment of bone and joints illness among elderly persons. Older women should use this product to get rid of osteoporosis and any bodily weak weakness. It can be called a natural tonic for an all round development of the body.

Buy Divya Sitopaladi Churna (1 Pack = 50 gm)

2 Pack $18.00 Free Shipping

3 Pack $26.00 Free Shipping

5 Pack $42.00 Free Shipping

Directions For Taking Divya Sitopaladi Choorna

It is found in powdered form, so take it as per description.

Dosage Advised

Take three to five grams of the product mixing with ginger juice after finishing your meal. It can be taken with honey and ghee also. It contains wonderful herbs like Pippali, Ela, candy sugar etc., which has great medicinal value.

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