Divya Arogyadhani Vati – Skin Diseases And Disorders

skin diseases and disorders The very meaning of Divya Arogyadhani Vati refers to a state of complete well-being, a state of complete free from any diseases, including the diseases of the skin. Skin, being one of the major elements of our skin needs constant protection as it is very sensitive and prone to various bacterial infections. This medicine is useful because of its mild effects and antibacterial properties which goes deep into the skin and can cure any minor and major skin ailments. Many have benefitted by using this medicine.

Skin is the unique creations of God which give us various feelings like cold in winter and heat in summer. Apart from that, it gives various other sensations which completes our life and make us happy. Skin is prone to various microbial attacks and it can easily come under different influences of weather, which reflects in various skin ailments. Research says one of the major reasons of skin ailments is blood impurities which is why this medicine is useful to treat our skin as it helps in blood purification

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Health benefits of using Divya Arogyadhani Vati

  • It is not easy to clear your skin completely by western products as the germs may remain there even after washing, but by consuming this medicine one can get extra clear skin.
  • It contains numerous herbs as its ingredients which have been proved beneficial for various skin problems since ages. These herbs help in blood purification and nourish the skin by going deep inside your skin. Due to the reason it is useful to treat severe skin problems.
  • It can treat acne, pimples, skin rashes, skin tanning, dark spot, eczema, sunburn and many other skin issues. It has antiseptic qualities, which are used for ringworm and any other skin infections.
  • It prevents Leucoderma and any sort of skin ailments. It heals any sort of cracks in your hands and feet and gives you a glowing skin.
  • It cures any general cuts and burns on your hands and feet.
  • To cure various severe skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis which western medicines fail to cure.

Advantages of taking Divya Arogyadhani Vati

It is a magical innovation by Swamiji which has multiple benefits apart from treating various skin diseases and disorders. It heals the skin from within and provides a very younger look to your skin, so we can say it has anti aging benefits. It offers hydration to your skin, which keeps your skin moisturized all the time. It provides the perfect food for your skin to its healthy and younger. It removes dirt and dead cells to get deposited on the inner layers of your skin and thus give it a pure look. It replaced the dead cells rise to new cells, which add beauty to your skin after purifying the blood.

Indications of using Divya Arogyadhani Vati
  1. It is indicated for a guaranteed recovery from all skin diseases and disorders. It is an alternative to Botox injections or any skin beautification surgeries which is given for skin uplifting and also very costly. For that people don’t have to undergo any medical examinations to use these medicines as it is completely herbal and produce no side effects. It can be started whenever you feel your skin needs rejuvenation or has lost its vitality.
  2. It will give you a very clear and fresh skin. There will be a radiant reflection on your skin and this product will help to cleanse your blood from all pollutants and make your skin glowing.
  3. It is extremely useful for women who are fighting with post pregnancy symptoms and menopausal effects.
  4. It gives proper nourishment to all the skin tissues and cells and thus provides the best natural care. It improves the skin quality or texture of your skin by releasing nutritious elements to your skin.
Direction while taking Divya Arogyadhani Vati

There are no side effects indicated with this medicine. However, one should adopt various home remedies prescribed by Swamiji to get rid of skin problems.

Dosage Of Divya Arogyadhani Vati

It is advised to take one or two tablets two times in a day, preferably with water after breakfast and dinner. Teenagers can easily get benefitted by this medicine as they are prone to develop acne and pimples. For elders, this is good to fight against aging signs, like wrinkles or patches which comes naturally after a certain age. So, the advantage is that it can be used by people of any age group.

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