Shuddha Guggul

Shuddha Guggulu

Common Names – There are some of the common name for the herb guggul like COMMIPHORA, GUGGUL, MUKUL, BALSAMODENDROM MUKUL, MOQL, MOQLE -ARZAGI and INDIAN BDELLIUM TREE.

Guggul is a Himalaya product and it is pure herbal extract guggul or shuddha guggul is a wonderful way to lower cholesterol level, normalizes the HDL-LDL ratio along with triglyceride levels. The product is able to control weight loss. For supporting the cholesterol, it is known as a wonderful and best herb. A small shrub’s stem make the gum. People who are dependent over nature use the same because of benefits of guggul. The product is able for regulation of lipid metabolism and so people get rid of excess weight.

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Benefits of Guggul

It is a very beneficial herbal product. It helps to normalize the normal cholesterol levels. It is supporter of normal lipid levels and metabolism. It controls weight loss. It strengthens the immune system and makes joints and other connective tissues able to work normally. Guggul is also known as broad spectrum herb which is multi beneficial.
Mode of Direction and how long to take it- You are suggested to take one capsule two times on daily basis and it should be taken after having your meals. Children below 14 can found difficulty in swallowing the capsule so they are suggested to avoid taking it or use it after making powder of it.


Microcrystalline cellulose, Magnesium stearate, 100% Kosher Vcaps, Colloidal silicon dioxide and Dicalcium Phosphate are the main ingredient of the herbal product.

Therapeutic Benefits

Guggul provides you lower cholesterol level and manages the weight. It is also known as premier herb for maintenance of levels of cholesterol. From last some centuries the product is been used for normalizing body fat and making metabolism normal too. Even a survey concludes that Himalaya Guggul is a traditional Indian cholesterol support plant that is really effective. It supports the cholesterol metabolism and exerts the antioxidant effect and so it gives way to backing of oxidation levels of cholesterol in the body.

In the past time, guggul was used as the support of normal joint function. Studies also said that it is also supportive of normal mobility levels. It is an effective antioxidant and even scientific studies have proved the same. A recent study said that Commiphora mukul and its component named guggulsterone is helpful supporter of normal levels of LDL. It gives way to normal lipid level and metabolism. It strengthens the immune system. Benefits of guggul include the healthy functioning of joints and other connective tissues.

Himalaya Herbal’s Pure Herb – Himalaya Guggul is the renowned product of Himalaya Herbal and it is completely herbal product and it is result of blend of some rare and helpful herbs. It is been used in different countries of the world due to its health benefits. The product is been researched clinically and so nobody can doubt of its beneficial effects. It gives guarantee of bioequivalence that makes you assure that all the trials over the products are done and hence have free from the presence of any of the side effects. Also, nobody can make a doubt over the performance and quality of the same.

Guggul is found in Western Indian and Eastern Himalayas where rocky tracks are found. There are group of some active ingredient in the herb like natural plant sterols. The substances are known as guggulsterones. It also contains a very effective ingredient that is helpful supporter of healthy cholesterol as well as properties of fat metabolism. The other sterols acts like synergistic supporting cast.

Role of Guggul in Ayurveda – The herb was discovered around 60 years ago and then there were some researches were done over the gum guggul. Even in Vedas, there was benefits mentioned of the same. It is effective way to avoid the problem that gives way to unhealthy metabolism and it comes due to lack of exercise and high amount of intake of fatty foods. It is true that dietary changes are helpful to avoid the problem but the chief supporter to avoid the same was guggul. It also reduces the cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are responsible to give way to rise of HDL. From time to time there are so many searches have been done over the product and all of them conclude that guggul is multi beneficial herb. It helps to avoid the health regarding problems that includes fat metabolism, HDL-LDL ratio and cholesterol issues.

Precaution – When you are going to use the herb and already taking the medicine for thyroid issues then Z-guugulsterone helps to increase the uptake of iodine by thyroid glands and oxygen uptake in the liver as well as in bicep tissues. So, it is an effective hypothyroidism treatment. Those who are taking any drugs should avoid taking either drugs or guggul as the active ingredient of the herb named gugulipid gives way to reduction of bioavailability of that drugs. Intake of any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and warfarin should also be avoided when want to get benefits from herb. Guggul is known as the stimulant of uterine and it is used for regulation of menstruation and at the time of pregnancy too. Those who are having joint inflammation or arthritis should also take benefit from the herbal product as it is made for you. Having problem of atherosclerosis that includes hardening and clogging of blood vessels then you should not hesitate of using the product. It is wonderful way for weight management.

Customer’s Review of Himalaya Guggul
I am a 55 years of man and I was suffering from the cholesterol problem from last 2 years. I have been taking so many allopathic medicines but all gave me short term relief from the problem. Then one of the office colleagues suggested me to use Himalaya guggul to solve the problem. I have been started using the herbal product and avoid taking any other medicine and I got a huge difference in my condition even after using the same for just 4 weeks. Now, I am a person with lower cholesterol level, got hypothyroidism treatment, and control weight loss. I always be thankful to benefits of guggul…Tiago Matias (Brazil)

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