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Tentex RoyalTentex Royal is a formula based over nature’s items for treating male erectile dysfunction. From last many years it is been used for helping millions of men. Along with that it also helps to enhance the energy levels and boost immunity. It widens the blood vessels so pen*s muscles feels relax and blood flow to the pen*s area which is necessary for male erection. It is also useful in male ed problem.

Benefits Of Tentex Royal

Manage Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Tentex Royal is helpful for the men facing the problem of ED of different etiologies (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and endothelial dysfunction).
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Better Sexual Performance

The product works like aphrodisiacs and it is a natural ingredient which helps to increase desire for sex, premature ejaculation and remove male sexual weakness.

Ingredients Of tentex Royal

The key ingredients of the product are saffron, tribulus terrestris, asteracantha longifolia, prunus amygdalus and blepharis edulis. Even it has some of the products which are mentioned with their benefits are:

  • Hygrophilia(kokilaksha), it discharges nitric oxide from the nitrergic nerve and endothelium at the endings of the pen*s and give relax to cavernosal muscles (which is area around the pen*s where blood goes highest at the time of erection, this area is soft like a sponge) and increase the pen*s blood flow. It helps to corrects erectile dysfunction.
  • Another thing is small caltrops which are also known as gokshura and is helpful for ED. You can also found protodioscin (Precursor of testosterone) in small caltrops and it changes to DHEA in body and it becomes very helpful for flow mediated dilation of arteries of the penile area. So, at last you got smooth muscles helpful for male erection.
  • Almonds or vatada is aphrodisiac. This is helpful to increase sperm motility. Without any spermatotoxic effects, it also helps to increase sperm count.

Therapeutic Uses

Key ingredients of product are helpful to increase levels of energy and enhance the immune level too. It helps to provide firm pen*s in some men which is good for ED.

How to Use and for how much Time- The capsule is advised to take one hour before you want to do sexual intercourse. It is very good but the work goes wonderful if it is combining used with Himalaya Himcolin Gel. It is our physical or emotional health which put bad effects over the sexual performance so you are advised to be happy and calm along with taking the capsules.

Diet recommendations

You have to visit your health professional on small intervals for regular checkups or if having any sexual issue. Sometimes some nutritional deficiencies can be the reason to cause ED and one of them is potassium deficiency. If you are ignorant of the fact then it might possible that you can make the problem even worse by not taking the proper diet. An expert says that a healthy and balanced diet is the weapon to fight with erectile dysfunction. There is no specific food to cure ED but might help you anyways.

Some leafy foods like spinach and celery have good amount of nitrates, which are vasodilators and helps to open blood vessels and increase blood flow. Beet juice also have same qualities and known as food for sex. Chocolate is also an aphrodisiac so good for better sex and that’s the reason many of the people gift this on the special days. Dark chocolates even have flavonoids and are anti-oxidants which help to repair damaged cells, lessen bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure. It also improves blood circulation and fight with sexual dysfunction and provides you good mood.

Lifestyle Change Recommendations

If you are going from any emotional trauma or facing the hard side of the life then sexual performance can be bad and the reason here is stress. So, you have to try to be happy and if any particular person or place is the reason of your stress and tension then try to avoid or maintain distance from that. Try to keep in touch with nature it is helpful to lift your mood up and helped to forget hard face of life. For that you can go to park or indulge in planting etc. It might be not the miracle cure but definitely gives you relax even 50%.


A lousy diet included high fatty items and refined sugars can gives way to erectile dysfunction in males.

Home remedies

Yohimbe is an alkaloid that can be found in African Yohimbe tree, this effective ingredient is helpful in male dysfunction. It works wonder for those who got ED due to psychological problems. Another herb is horny goat weed which is helpful to treat fatigue, low libido, pain and other issues. It is PDE inhibitor but if taken very high dose of this then might get some health issue like upset stomach. Blood pressure, dry mouth, stomach pain. You can consult your physician to get the perfect dosage of this. Next is ginseng, which is traditional medicine for sexual problems. Even studies prove that it can cure ED by relaxing the pen*s’ muscles and provide extra blood flow to the area. Even some researchers consider this herb very auspicious. This safe and have no side effects but if taking anti-depressants then may have some minor health issues.
What’s the Concept Behind Tentax Royal? Today due to emotional, physical and psychological problems, so many men are facing problems related to sex and to treat those issues the medicines is been introduced as a magical weapon against the issues. The capsules help to provide you a happy and successful sexual life.

Buy Tentex Royal (1 stripe)

1 Stripe $19.00 Free Shipping

2 Stripe $35.00 Free Shipping

3 Stripe $52.00 Free Shipping

5 Stripe+ 1 Stripe Free $86.00 Free Shipping

What are Customers’ Reviews?

I am 30 year old men and got married 2 years back. In the starting days of my marriage everything was good but due to work load in the office and due to other responsibilities stress attacks me and this directly affects our sexual life as I was caught by erectile dysfunction. It seems very embarrassing when I feel unable to satisfy the sexual needs of my partner then my friend suggested me to take Tentax royal and I have been using that from last one year and now we are living a happy and satisfied life. Thank you so much!…Carter Ferrington (U.S)

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