Dr.Willmar’s Topi Graphites Cream – Treatment Of Eczema

TopiGraphites-CreamDr.willmar’s topi graphites cream for cracked skin and treatment of eczema. You can experience skin diseases at any point of your life. It is not limited to any particular race or age. Dry, red, itchy and cracked skin is a few of the symptoms of eczema. It can also be inherited, so it runs in families. Atopic eczema patients usually experience asthma later in life. It is hard to believe that in this modern era, there is no permanent cure for this skin disease. Conventional treatments such as homeopathy have shown positive results in the treatment of eczema. The best part is that there are no side effects. Dr. Willmar’s Topi Graphites cream is suited for dry eczema cure. It prevents irritation and redness of skin. It is safe for children as well. It is one of the best known cracked skin remedies. Few of the early symptoms of eczema are – cracked skin, dryness, itching, redness, raised bumps and blisters with a sticky fluid coming out.
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Benefits of Homeopathic Topi Graphites Cream

Eczema is a long term disease so it needs a reliable and permanent remedy. Dr. Willmar’s Topi Graphites cream is good for the treatment of eczema. It works great on sore nipples and cracked skin. It has no side effects. People with sensitive skin can also use this cream.

Therapeutic Uses

It is prescribed in the early stages of fibromas and keloid. It has best cracked skin remedies for quick relief. It is very effective in dry eczema cure. As per studies, it is one of the best homeopathic remedies for the treatment of eczema. Nursing ladies, who experience sore and painful nipples, prefer this cream. It treats cracked and red skin in a permanent fashion.


It is for external use only and the main ingredient is graphites. It is an active dry eczema cure component. Nursing mothers with sore nipples find this product very effective.


  1. Dry eczema
  2. Cracked and painful nipples
  3. Cracked skin
  4. Minor bleeding from cracked skin
  5. Rawness in bends
  6. Sore nipples


Dr. Willmar’s Topi Graphite Cream should be used only based on the prescription. It can be taken along with other oral medications prescribed by the doctor. Apply a thin layer of cream on clean skin. You should repeat this 2 times a day. Please note that it is for external use only.

Diet Recommendations
Your diet and lifestyle can affect your skin. You must take care about these to prevent your skin from any infections and diseases. Any topical remedy can’t give you a permanent cure until and unless your body is immune. Prepare food at home and avoid frozen food. Whatever you put into your body, your skin throws it outside. That is why; the skin suffers from disease due to improper diet.

Eat liver and gut healthy foods.

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in raw form.

Use coconut oil for cooking.

Reduce the intake of gluten based products.

Take fermented cod liver oil supplements daily. I know it doesn’t taste great but it is a vast source of healthy fat. It is very advantageous in the brain development of kids. I presume we can compromise on taste if the health benefits are huge.

Probiotics are very good for skin and gut health. The sad part is that they are missing in our modern diet.

Cow milk can trigger eczema. It is acidic in nature. Cut the intake temporarily to see whether it was contributing to the situation. Use soy and almond milk instead.

Take supplements for Vitamin A, D, K and fatty acids for a better skin health.

Use aloe Vera to soothe the skin. Use fresh gel from the plant instead of any beauty product that has aloe Vera as an


Few conditions may worsen the eczema. Hot showers can increase redness and itching. Avoid stress. It enhances the symptoms. Use a humidifier at home. Dryness in the air can aggravate the condition. Wear 100% cotton clothes. Woolen and synthetic clothes can irritate the skin. Stay away from air pollutants and dust. Avoid active and passive smoking as well.

Side Effects

Dr. Willmar’s Topi Graphites cream is safe to use for every skin type and every age. It is a homeopathic product with no side effects reported yet.

Home Remedies for eczema

There are various cracked skin remedies available in homeopathy. Certain ingredients from your kitchen can save a lot of money and give you instant relief.

  • Coconut oil is a great healer. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on clean skin 2 times daily. Use it for everything- cooking, as hair oil and for skin. Think that you have no other choice. You will see the benefits very soon. Keep in mind one thing that the person should not be allergic to coconut oil.
  • For wet eczema, try to keep it dry. Use sea salt and magnesium spray for better results.
  • Hot showers are not recommended. But you can use lukewarm water instead to soak the affected part. Add half cup of Epsom salt and a few drops of essential oil in the bathtub and enjoy your bath. After bath, apply magnesium oil on skin for optimum results.
  • Wear non irritant clothes. Sometimes the fitting and type of cloth can aggravate the eczema. Wear loose cotton clothes so that air can pass easily. Use natural washing powder for washing clothes. Any leftover detergent in clothes can irritate the skin.
  • Stress is not good for you. Meditate and get enough sleep. Listen to a soothing music to decrease stress.
    Use non-irritating soaps and gels. They irritate the skin.

Buy Dr. Willmar’s Topi Graphites Cream (25 gm)

2 Pack $26.00 Free

Customer’s Review for Dr. Willmar’s Topi Graphites Cream
I am 18 years female. I usually experience small patches of eczema on my neck in winters. My mother also used to experience this skin disease. Every year we wished that winter should not come. One of my friends in college recommended me Dr. Willmar’s Topi Graphites cream. Redness and itching disappeared very quickly. I am using this for past 2 years and the symptoms are decreasing every year. I hope that it will not occur again. I am very thankful to this wonder cream…Priscila Cordeiro (U.S)

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