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TopiGraphites-CreamDiaper rashes are very common with infants. If the child wears the same diaper for a longer period of time, the skin absorbs germs from the urine and becomes damp. This dampness irritates the skin and produces rashes. The moisture in the diaper contacts the soft skin of the baby and produces inflammation. It can also be produced by fungal or bacterial infection. These rashes appear on upper thighs, genitals and buttocks. Babies have a very sensitive skin. It gets affected very easily. Dr. Willmar’s Topi heal cream is an antiseptic cream which is very effective on sore skin. It is used in the treatment for diaper rash. An adult’s skin also gets affected by coming in contact with germs and bacteria’s. A good topical ointment can give you instant relief from these conditions.
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Benefits of Topi Heal Cream

Dr. Willmar’s Topi Heal Cream is a well known wound healing cream. It lessens bleeding in small cuts. It also prevents the further spreading of infection. It covers varicose veins and puts a stop to the pain. It is very useful in bed sores as well. This antiseptic cream works like wonder on diaper rashes. This is the reason most of the doctors recommend this for the treatment for diaper rashes.


This magical cream consists of following homeopathic remedies :-

Calendula officinalis – It is an outstanding remedy for wound healing. It heals any type of wound rapidly. It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It gives instant relief from itching and inflammation.

Echinacea angustofolia  – This wonder remedy excites the skin cells to cure the wounds. It is a perfect treatment for virus and bacteria’s. It avoids further spreading of infection. It is great for ulcers and septic.

Millefolium – It is a brilliant remedy for bed sores and skin granulation. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful for sore skin.


  1. Bed sores
  2. Bleeding in cuts
  3. Boils
  4. Nappy/Diaper rash
  5. Carbuncles
  6. Tender nipples
  7. Wounds
  8. Varicose ulcer
  9. Constant crying and aggressiveness in behavior due to tender skin

Therapeutic Uses

Dr. Willmar’s Topi heal cream contains homeopathic ingredients which are safe for skin. It is very effective on skin inflammation in infants and young children. Many a doctors recommend this antiseptic cream for the treatment of diaper rash. It reduces pain and gives relief from inflammation. It puts a check on further spreading of bacterial and fungal infection. This wound healing cream reduces the bleedings and helps in filling minor cuts on the skin. Absence of fresh air and constant contact with beddings can create bed sores. Bacterias make the situation worse. They are very painful too. This cream works great on bed sores.


Clean the affected part as directed by physician. Let it air dry for 5 minutes. Now apply a thin layer of wound healing cream on it. Don’t massage. Repeat these steps 3 times daily for a quick relief. Don’t cover the skin with bandages.

Diet Recommendations

Few acidic foods aggravate the rashes. Citrus fruits, pineapples, tomatoes and raisins should be avoided for the first year. Introduce new foods one at a time so that you can note down which food is causing allergy. Look at your own diet as well if you are breastfeeding the child. Your baby might be reacting to that food as it will be passed to her/him through your milk.


If your child has nappy rashes, reduce the bottle feed. Try to breastfeed more. A mother’s milk has more immunity and the child passes fewer stools. Avoid tight nappies because they stick to the skin and there is no space left for oxygen passage. If the rashes are severe and start spreading to other areas, consult your pediatrician at the earliest.

Side Effects

Although this wound healing cream has no side effects, but consult your physician first. Don’t experiment with your skin. Treat it right and on time.

Home Remedies for diaper rash
  • You can see diaper rashes on your little one’s bottom. It is very unpleasant for kids. There are plenty of home remedies to soothe their skin. First and very useful tip is to say goodbye to diapers. They soak the urine and the moist creates a warm environment on skin that makes it sore. Use cotton nappies instead. Change them as soon as they are wet. Clean the bottom of your child with a wipe and let it air dry.
  • Sometimes, allow the bare bottomed child to play on a rubber mat covered with a washable cloth.
    If it is not possible to be diaper-free every time, make a habit of changing often. Don’t wait for it to be moist.
  • You can use water and a wash cloth instead of wipes. Few commercial wipes contain alcohol, which can irritate the soft skin of babies. Wash with soap and clean water. Then wipe it with a wash cloth. Make sure the cloth is dry and sanitized.
  • Once you remove diaper, let the fresh air pass through skin. Put on a new once after the skin is fully dry.
  • Apply breast milk to baby’s bottom. It is very versatile and works like an antiseptic cream.

Buy Dr. Willmar’s Topi Heal Cream (25 gm)

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Customer’s Review for Dr. Willmar’s Topi Heal Cream

I am a mother of three children aged 7, 4 and 2 years respectively. When my first boy was 2 months old, he used to cry a lot. I used to be very conscious because it was my first experience. During the regular checkup, I discussed the same with my child’s pediatrician. He diagnosed the baby and showed me the reason. I was so embarrassed that due to my mistake, my child suffered a lot. Then he recommended me Dr. Willmar’s Topi heal cream for curing rashes. I used the cream regularly and changed the diaper brand also. By god’s grace, my son got his soft skin and smile back in three days. I took care of same with my other children as well. I also recommended this to my friends and believe me, not even a single person turned back with a negative response. This is a must have cream for those who have small kids….Melissa Vasquez (U.S)

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