Dabur Triphala Tablets – Natural Colon Cleanser, Bowel Cleanser, Constipation Cure

Dabur triphala tabletsDabur triphala tablets are Natural Colon Cleanser also useful in Constipation.  In this busy lifestyle we all barely have time to relax. We eat so many different things. As humans we all like to experiment with new things everyday. Trying new food items can be a new experiment too. Despite eating healthy we often fall prey to stomach disorders and internal pain. This is why Dabur triphala tablets have proved itself as an exception in medical field. It not only helps to solve our stomach problems but it also helps to enhance the working of the stomach too. It is also a natural colon cleanser. Here are some reasons why colon cleansing is crucial.
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Why is it important to keep our stomach healthy?

Colon is a part of our digestive system and it is also known as the storage tube which is located inside the abdomen. It is joined to the end of the small intestine and is about 5 feet long and two inches in diameter. It functions as a water absorbent, mineral absorbent as well as minerals and vitamins absorbent.

Our digestive system’s main organ, which is the stomach, contains both useful and harmful bacteria. The helpful bacteria or the probiotic flora help in digestion of the food. A good bacterium helps to fight carcinogenic substances in the stomach and prevents the growth of tumours inside the stomach. These are very crucial part of our human body. Thus it needs regular maintenance. Dabur triphala tablets act as a powerful medication to cure stomach diseases as well as a 100% natural colon cleanser.

What are the symptoms of digestive system disorders?

It helps to stimulate our body’s vital immune system by creating and producing immune boosting chemicals such as immunoglobin antibodies. It helps as a constipation cure. A healthy stomach is the key to good health. If the stomach is not healthy, then the friendly bacteria will stop growing and this will lead to increase in the number of pathogens and harmful microbes. Germ buildup will take place and you may fall sick due to this. Using triphala tablets will not only act as a great solution for this problem, but it will also act as a natural bowel cleanser.

Our digestive system is not as complicated as neural system or any other system in our body. I facts it is one of the simplest body system. Maybe this is why it is very tough to take care of. Our stomach is responsible for our nutrition, our energy and our power source. Think about it. How much a stomach is responsible for our health and lifestyle? I bet the answer is very much.

The importance of a bowel cleanser medicine is that it cleanses the colon. An unclean and unhealthy colon doesn’t let food to digest properly. If the food is not digested properly, then it will surely make a disorder in functioning. Less nutrition will be provided by the stomach in this case. A poorly functioning digestive tract may cause future complications about health.

A healthy stomach induces the feeling of healthiness in the brain. If you are healthy and organized inside, then your outside will be beautiful. Many scientists have found that most of the face and skin diseases are caused due to an unhealthy stomach or an unhealthy digestive system. It can cause serious heart diseases. An unhealthy stomach contributes to illness such as failing memory because of lack of proper nutrition; it may cause allergies and gastritis too. As all the friendly bacteria get finished, the pathogens have enough time to grow and replicate inside the stomach. This can cause diseases like lowered immunity, cardiac irregularities, diarrhoea and many more.


It is made of Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) and Bhibitaki (Beleric myrobalan) which are totally natural. No other chemical is added. These ingredients are 100%natural and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.


2-3 tablets everyday twice with lukewarm water will definitely help you to get a safe and affordable constipation cure.

Buy Dabur Triphala Tablets(60 Tablets)

1 Bottle $11.00 Free


The medicine doesn’t cause any side effects. Only take as prescribed.


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