Charak Calcury Tablet – Urethral Pain, Renal Colic Treatment

Charak Calcury TabletNature has blessed us with miraculous herbs and ayurveda has formulated such processes which if followed can lead towards the invention of such medicine that can rescue you from every diseases apart from death. These days it is widely observed that people are complaining lot about the formation of stone or burning sensation while urine discharge, in fact urethral pain has become a common problem these days and many allopathic medicines are available to cure them, but they also carry some side effects with them. Are you also suffering from unbearable burning sensation while urine discharge or you are trying to getting rid of hyperuricemia?

No matter what the intensity of your problem is Charak calcury tablets have solution to all your similar problems. It is one of the finest herbal products that are being used by experienced ayurvedic doctor for renal colic treatment. It helps in controlling the super saturation of lithogenic substances and controls the absorption of oxamide that leads to the formation of stone. It maintains and balances the crystalloid-colloid formation inside the body and pulverizes the particles of oxalic acid calcium hydroxyproline thus helping in the prevention of formation of stone. And in case if the stone is formed inside the body then this miraculous medicine helps by breaking down the calculi and crystals which helps in the dissolution of stone.
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Benefits Of Charak Calcury Tablets

The benefits of ayurvedic medicines are countless and one can always spot additional secondary advantages. Urethral pain gives birth to other painful problems that will not only make a big hole in your pocket but also deteriorate your health to great extent. Few of the benefits that will win your confidence on the products are:

  • For the patients who somehow cannot opt for lithotripsy and get rid of this pain can use charak calcury tablet and it is very effective as well as safe for them.
  • In Ayurveda also, it is seen that prolong use of some medicine may get some side effects in form of changed metabolic habits or sleeping pattern, but in case of charak calcury tablet there is no such disadvantages.
  • Being 100 % herbal and ayurvedic make it safe for use for people of all age group.
  • It dissolves small stone in the organ itself and prevents the occurrence of others.
  • Reduces pain in the process of urination that has come up because of urethral problems.

Additional Advantages Of Charak Calcury Tablets

It is normal human nature to look for additional benefits that can be incorporated with the product that they are buying. And when we talk about charak calcury tablet there are countless advantages, advantages that you cannot ignore, such as:

  1. Analgesic and anti- inflammatory properties help to fight against other infection that can worsen the situation. Moreover it also helps to heal the wound that are there inside the body.
  2. It is the best medicine that can tone your urinary tract.
  3. It minimises the frequency of chronic UTI

Indicated Diseases

Properties of herbs have potential to treat more than one problem and Ayurveda has formulated procedures that can be used to make one medicine that can be used to treat more than one symptoms. Charak calcury tablets are indicated for various problems such as hyperuricemia, crystalluria, stones and its infection, etc. it is very effective to treat urolithiasis in people of all age group. It is considered as the best medicine for renal colic treatment.

Directions for taking Charak Calcury Tablets

Charak calcury should be taken as directed by the physician. And for the best result few changes in the dietary habits and lifestyle are recommended. One should avoid the intake of fried and oily food. Gram, pulses and fiber rich food should be taken with less oil and spice. For the proper function of urethra and kidney it is also recommended to drink minimum of 8 liters of water. Few yoga and morning walk are also very helpful in maintaining a good lifestyle and getting rid of unbearable urethral pain.

Recommended Dosage Of Charak Calcury Tablets

1-2 tablets 3 times a day to get relief from urethral pain and for the proper renal colic treatment it should be continued for minimum of 6-8 weeks. Proper dosage with proper diet and healthy habits are bound to give you the best result.

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