What Does A Loose Vag Look Like

What Does A Loose Vag Look LikeA woman can feel pleasure during a sexual activity only if she has a tight and firm vagina. But, with ageing vagina of a woman starts losing its elasticity due to different reasons and she longer feels pleasure. This is a common problem that can lead to disturbed relationships. It is a natural change that occurs in women after multiple childbirths, old age, or many other things. The vaginal muscles become stretched after a child birth that causes looseness. Normally, vagina regains its some elasticity after a few months. But, it may not return to its original shape and size. Many women search for what does a loose vag look like. They want to find out the real symptoms of a loose vagina. You can read here to know the signs and symptoms of a loose vagina.

What Does A Loose Vag Look Like?

So, do you want to know what does a loose vag look like? Have you seen a rubber band? A firm and tight vagina looks similar to a stretched rubber band and when a rubber band becomes lose that is it loses its elasticity; your vagina will also look similar to it. Some of the important signs of a loose vagina are:

Difficult orgasm: The main aim of having sex is to achieve an orgasm. Women who feel difficulty in achieving the orgasm may have a loose vagina. This is an important symptom. Women having loose vagina will have difficulty in achieving an orgasm as compared to the women having tight and firm vagina.

Unsatisfied with smaller objects: If you are not stimulated when a small object is inserted into your private parts it means that you may have a loose vagina. Women with loose vagina will feel pleasure when something larger is inserted into their vaginas. This could be a major problem and it reduces libido in women. You can enhance libido by doing exercise that can help to strengthen your muscles and can help you to feel pleasure.

No sexual satisfaction: Women with loose vagina do not feel any sexual satisfaction. They do not get any sexual pleasure. Women with loose vagina also are not able to satisfy their partner. When both partners remain unsatisfied this leads to break up of the relationship.

Difficulty in sliding your index finger: This is another symptom that indicates that you have a loose vagina. If you can slide your index finger inside your vagina and clasp it by contraction of muscles it means that you have a tight and firm vagina but if you are not able to do so, then you have a loose vagina.

Vagina does not close after you are being aroused: If your vagina fails to close back if you are aroused, it indicates that you have a loose vagina. If you feel relaxed and there is no contraction of the muscles when something is inserted into your vagina, it indicates looseness of your vagina.

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