Yoga DVD for Cancer by Baba Ramdev Ji in English

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has claimed that yoga can cure even a deadly disease like cancer. For the purpose, he has presented Yoga for Cancer patients to fight against the disease. It is a wonderful natural solution available in the form of a DVD in both the languages. This DVD will teach some yoga steps for cancer patients, which will help them to strengthen their body tissues and build up overall energy. Together, he has given some beneficial home remedies also, which can be taken along with other cancer medicines. It is completely safe and natural to perform the yoga steps for cancer patients.
yoga for cancer

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This DVD contains some Exercise for Cancer Patients as well as some home remedies. Many patients have benefited by using such yoga remedies worldwide and hence Ramdev products are becoming increasingly popular now a-days. They do not contain any unwanted side effects in other parts of the body. This product will target only cancer cells. It is very effective for any type of cancer people are suffering from. It will help cancer patients live a healthy and normal life. The yoga steps will help cancer patients to get rid of pain and any other symptoms associated with the disease. It will help such patients to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and other radiation therapies. Yoga will help them to deal with the disease mentally and physically as it can leave very holistic effects on people’s life. Moreover, such yoga steps will help to prevent the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. By just sitting at home, such patients can perform the yoga and adopt those home remedies to beat the disease.


The advantages of the DVD are that it helps a cancer patient to understand the importance and powerful effects of yoga to fight with the disease. It will leave a very relaxed feeling inside the body and will build up an overall energy. Yoga Exercise for Cancer Patients will give tremendous strength naturally in the body and will help to fight against cancer cells and will protect the healthy cells within the body.


Swamiji has prescribed some simple yoga techniques like breathing exercises which help to increase the immunity in the body and will decrease the effects of radiation therapies, undergone by the patients as part of the treatment process. By doing the steps morning and evening will really give better results for such patients. Sun salutation is one such step, which is the basic step of yoga exercises. It helps to stimulate the body and keep it warm and stronger. Together with the Yoga for Cancer, he prescribed some home remedies to be taken along with other cancer drugs. Swamiji has given concrete medical proof that even yoga can cure a fatal disease like cancer.

Directions for using Dvd for cancer

This DVD is full of some yoga steps and natural medicine, which can be practiced and prepared at home. Cancer patients have to undergo severe mental anxieties like which may make life difficult at some point of time. However, this yoga will release such metal tensions and give necessary encouragement and strength to fight with the disease. Watch it and perform it as per shown.

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