Swami ramdev yoga DVD for childless couple

yoga-for-childless-coupleHaving a child is the most precious gift of god, though some couples are deprived of it due to many reasons. Infertility is a growing problem with numerous couples across the globe. Ayurveda expert Baba Ramdevji has taken some effort to address this problem with the help of Ayurveda and thus prescribed some asanas or postures for these couples. These are available in the form of DVDs which you can buy or download from the internet. Both Hindi and English versions are available.

The DVD contains the description of some asanas that are prescribed in the Ayurveda for childless couples, which helps couples to conceive a child. It has cited the reasons for couples unable to conceive a child which includes- low quality of sperm, irregular menstrual cycle, cyst developed in the uterus and ovary, repeated abortions etc. This yoga DVD for childless couple contains pranayamas, yoga asanas, various home medicines to overcome infertility and other related problems.

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Health benefits of yoga

This yoga DVD for childless couple has multiple benefits apart from treating sexual impotency. It is basically prescribed to increase the quantity of sperm among men as low quality sperm which is one of the main reasons for infertility. These asanas led to the proper flowing of blood to the sexual organs and make them stronger and active. At the same time these exercises will help to prevent a lot of other diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol. It helps to curb digestive disorders among people, lowers the level of acidity and thus helps in the overall well being of body and mind. A healthy body will naturally increase the potentiality among people.


Some yoga for childless couples can offer great benefits. For example, vajrasana or thunderbolt poses is which is to be done immediately after eating is highly effective for treatment of low sperm count and digestion. This asana increases the supply of blood to the genitals. If the blood flow is faster, it will be resulted in the strengthening of these organs. It will inevitably increase the libido among men. Dhanurasana or the bow pose works exactly the same manner. It increases blood flow to all the internal organs. Together it releases excessive toxins from the body, reduce the level of cholesterol, increases the level of sex hormones. Sukhasana or the eye pose, a classic form of meditation, should be done after doing the Shavasana, the final dead posture. It helps in strengthening of the spinal cord, helps in the formation of strong metabolism, can give you inner peace and tranquility. It will improve your sleep by minimizing the level of stress and anxiety from the body. Another form, Yoga Nidra can remo
ve physical, mental and emotional strain in the easiest manner. It improves the focus of the mind and removes negativity from life. Once the mind is free, it will encourage you to enjoy life which resulted in an increased libido.

Precautions while performing yoga

Yoga for childless couples is prescribed in the Ayurveda, so it is absolutely safe to practice them. Without the help of western medicines and methods which involves so much cost and uncertainty, childless couples can try these postures for free and listen to the advice given there to get the blessing of a child.

Do these exercises on a daily basis. The more frequent you will do it; the faster will be the effects.

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