Yoga For Pregnant Ladies

yoga-for-pregnant-women-dvd-swami-ramdevYoga DVD For Pregnant Ladies By Swami Ramdev Ji Is A Must Watch. Yoga is one best way to stay fit without moving out f the house and if you are looking for some great help that can help you stay fit even during pregnancy then look for Yoga For Pregnant Women by Swami Ramdev Ji. This new DVD is especially designed keeping in mind the health and fitness level of the pregnant ladies. There are simple poses which you will be able to do quite easily and that brings along various other health benefits. The DVD contains yoga asanas, acupressure, prayanam and home remedies for a better delivery and to avoid other problems related to your pregnancy. If you have been facing issues with your pregnancy stage and suffer some unwanted symptoms like vomiting, nausea, constipation and backache then this DVD can help you get rid of all those issues.


This DVD of Yoga During Pregnancy explains how you can give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. Pregnant ladies are very sensitive and keeping your body flexible can help you stay fit. In ayurveda it is mentioned that the feelings of a pregnant women, whatever they feel like eating, senses or desires will relate to the growth of the baby. Prayanam can improve the oxygen level in your body and that is quite beneficial for the mother as well as the baby. Fresh supply of oxygen makes your baby intelligent, powerful and healthy because eating healthy is not sufficient, you must think healthy as well.

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Health benefits

Regular practice of Pregnant Ladies Yoga can prevent you to become a mother of mentally challenged, mongole and disabled child. A wrong step in the phase of pregnancy can damage the growth of the baby and you would never want that. Practice Yoga For Pregnant Women as it not only helps you with the pregnancy but allows you to recover faster when you have delivered. Effects like high bp, obesity, depression, arthritis, vomiting, thyroid, loose motion and even back ache which is common with pregnancy can be avoided. Some simple stretching and breathing exercise is all you need to do to stay fit and accompanying with it with herbal diet makes you glow as well.

Yoga asanas are designed to prevent the risks of misconception, miscarriage or any complication related to delivery. All the measures of before, during and after the deliveries are included in it. The DVD explains everything and Swami Ramdev himself performs all the yoga and asanas for your clarification. Watching the video and doing it along will never be complicated and you can always spare some time for yourself and the baby to be born. This Dvd is all about yoga during pregnacy and Pregnant Ladies Yoga.


Pregnancy is the phase where every women needs to be extra careful of her body. Make sure that you never stay empty stomach and perform yoga after a gap of one or two hours. Follow the home remedies mentioned by Swami Ramdev ji and get rid of the morning sickness. Healthy appetite with some effective yoga is a most to maintain health and nothing can be better than this DVD of Yoga For Pregnant Women.

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