Himalaya Ginger – Remedy For Morning Sickness, Treatment Of Nausea

Himalaya GingerGinger supports digestion. It adds a great taste in sweet as well as spicy dishes/ drinks. It is used in almost all the cultures across the world because of its numerous qualities. India supplies 30% share of ginger all over world. China, Nepal, Indonesia and Nigeria are other major exporters of ginger. Himalaya works on the thumb rule that if you go with nature, you can’t go wrong. Himalaya Ginger is 100% natural Ayurveda remedy for morning sickness. It is extracted from animals and plants. There is no synthetic ingredient in this caplet. This organic gluten free remedy can be used for treatment of nausea. It is great for a balanced immune function of the body. Himalaya ginger is pure vegetarian, means it doesn’t contain any animal substance. It doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives. Ginger is known as a stomach settler. The main ingredient of Himalaya Ginger is extracts of organic ginger.

Ingredient Of Himalaya Ginger

Each Himalaya Ginger is dairy, soy, corn, yeast and wheat free. It is organic and Eco friendly. Each caplet contains-
30mg of Organic Ginger Rhizome
233 mg of Organic Ginger Rhizome Extract Powder
557 mg of Organic Ginger Whole Plant Powder

Indication Of Himalaya Ginger

  • Digestion problems
  • Nausea
  • Morning sickness
  • Vomiting
  • Burps
  • Feeling tasteless

Benefits Of Himalaya Ginger

Himalaya Ginger supports natural digestion. It has been used in treatment of nausea since ages. It is also known as stomach settler. It soothes digestive discomfort. It helps in absorption of other herbs. It is also a good morning sickness remedy. It helps in maintaining the consistency of blood.

Therapeutic Uses Of Himalaya Ginger

Himalaya Ginger is a proven morning sickness remedy. It helps in maintaining the appropriate cholesterol level and blood consistency. It helps in regulating the digestion process. It settles the stomach and helps in absorption of other herbs as well. It is a universal remedy for treatment of nausea.

Dosage Of Himalaya Ginger

Himalaya Ginger caplets are gluten free and come in a packing of 60 caplets per bottle. You can tale one caplet after every meal. Take this medication regularly for 4-5 weeks for better and permanent results.

Diet Recommendations Of Himalaya Ginger

We all know the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. With balanced diet, I am referring to a well nutrition-ed diet that has everything (even fat) in adequate manner. Also, I don’t need to mention here the importance of physical activity. Do a brisk walk or run daily to get fit. If you are a hard exerciser, try some challenging core muscle exercises to burn the calories. No matter what your activity level and stamina is, there is always a suitable exercise program for you. So just gear up and fight with the elements that make you sick.

Precaution Of Himalaya Ginger

Himalaya Ginger caplets are very easy to swallow. They are 100% organic and safe to use. Despite of all these factors, consult the doctor before starting the medication. It is a safest method to do.

Side Effects Of Himalaya Ginger

Himalaya Ginger caplets are gluten free and are tested for it. There is no preservative added to them and they are also magnesium stearate free. These are very safe to use for children as well because of their mild nature. They are tested for consistency and highest quality.

Home Remedies for morning sickness and nausea –

Here are few home remedies for nausea and morning sickness –

Ginger is a magical herb in giving relief from ingestion , nausea and morning sickness. Boil a cup of water and some ginger root to it. Let it cool to infuse the taste of ginger. Strain the solution and keep it aside. You can drink it as it is or add honey to it. It gives you great relief.

Use curry leaves in cooking. This aids a great taste and help in proper digestion.

Low blood sugar level makes you sick. Drink apple juice to maintain the dropping level of blood sugar. Keep it near you in night as well. Sip occasionally during night to avoid morning sickness.

When the water tastes disgusting, freeze Gatorade/ tang in ice cube trays. These cubes will keep you hydrated and full of electrolytes.

Lemon works great when you feel nausea. Cut half lemon in to small pieces and put it in a bottle of water. Let it rest in refrigerator overnight. This will actually help in blending the taste of lemon in water. Drink this water and you will feel taste than plain water. It smells good as well. You can also add few leaves of mint to enhance the diet. You can also suck lemon drops, if you like strong taste.

You will be surprised to know that few people get better by eating peppermint candies in case of nausea. Isn’t it cool? If you get relief with candies, it’s a treat rather than medicine. There is a feel good factor in this.

Always keep some sweet snacks with you, if you feel sick due to a dip in blood sugar often. Tangy candies are very good in this case.

Peanut butter is another wonderful home remedy for nausea. Apply it on crackers and make a quick snack. It will give you relief from headaches as well.

Chew fennel seeds to overcome the effects of morning sickness.

Customer’s Review for Himalaya Ginger –

I am 33 years and in the 5th week of my second pregnancy. I already have a kid. During the first pregnancy, I felt worst morning sickness. I couldn’t bear the smell of wheat, onion, cheese and garlic. I could hardly eat anything due to nausea. I passed 3 weeks with this problem because friends said that it is part of early pregnancy. My OB/GYN recommended me Himalaya Ginger. I was relieved after 2 days of dosage. From my past experience, I learned that if I will control the things in advance, I don’t have to worry about these situations. So this time, I know how to handle the situation without waiting for anymore. Well, it is not beneficial in pregnancy only, otherwise it is also helpful in treating digestive issues. I always keep this medicine home. All of my family members can use it. I would definitely recommend this as a must keep medicine at home to everybody…Sofia(USA)

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