Himalaya Tagara Capsules

Himalaya TagaraSleep disorder is very common these days. People with high blood pressure, obesity and depression, tend to have problem in sleeping. In fact, it is the root cause of many health issues. It is very important to treat this in the initial stage. Himalaya Tagara calms down anxiety, stimulates the nervous system and brings down spasms. It is an advisable medicine for insomnia treatment. It works great on heart palpitations, headaches, delirium and trembling. It is very popular in Japan, Europe and America for sleep disorder treatment. Himalaya Tagara helps in increasing motor coordination, short term memory and size of decreased brain tissues. It is a well known anti depressant.

Ingredient Of Himalaya Tagara capsules

Himalaya Tagara capsules are made of 250 mg of Tagara extract. Tagara plant is found in Himalayan regions of India. Its roots and rhizomes are very aromatic. This herbaceous plant contains essential oils and valepotriates. Its active components like monoterpenoids, alkaloids, sesquitepenoids and lignas have sleep enhancing properties. This perennial plant has valerenic acid. It inhibits the breakdown of GABA and results in sedation.

Indication Of Himalaya Tagara

  • Sleep disorder
  • Headache
  • Trembling
  • Insomnia
  • Heart Palpitation
  • Delirium
  • Stress
  • Weaker memory
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Benefits Of Himalaya Tagara

Himalaya Tagara promotes good sleep by relaxing the mind. It is a best known medicine for sleep disorder treatment. It also reduces the spasms. It also depresses the central nervous system and is very helpful in insomnia treatment. It treats tremors and anxiety successfully. It helps in maintaining proper nervine function. It treats stress related disorders very effectively. It relieves depression and increases concentration. It reduces stress and improves attention.

Therapeutic Uses- Himalaya Tagara stimulates the nervous system and is best for insomnia treatment. It has been used in treating nervousness, acute delirium, heart palpitations, trembling and headaches successfully from so many years. It is a mild sedative and is very effective in sleep disorder treatment. Six Methylapigenin is an active component of this herb. It raises the inhibitory properties of GABA by completely blocking the nerve impulse. It helps in sedation as well. It gives quick relief from agitation and nerve irritation.

Dosage Of Himalaya Tagara

Himalaya Tagara promotes better sleep. Take one capsule after breakfast and dinner with milk.

Diet Recommendations- Eat high GI foods in dinner like jasmine rice with carbohydrates rich veggies supper. Their great after effect is drowsiness which helps in this case. Reduce your alcohol intake. It badly affects the sleep quality. Limit caffeine intake to morning only. Avoid sipping coffee in evening or night. Nicotine prevents you from falling asleep. Avoid excessive smoking.

Precaution Of Himalaya Tagara

Himalaya Tagara has no contradictions reported with any other medicines. If you feel any , please write to Himalaya Pharma.

Side Effects Of Himalaya Tagara

Himalaya Tagara has been marked safe and mild sedative. It has no known ill effects. It is harmless.

Home Remedies for treating sleep disorder– If you don’t feel sleepy till late night, you are sleep deprived. Late night online shopping, chats, news forums etc are the indication that you don’t get sleep on time. You are not alone. Almost 30% of world’s population experiences the same. Various scientific studies have linked weight gain to sleep deprivation. Approximately 8-9 hours of sleep is mandatory to maintain a healthy weight. Less sleep imbalances the hormones, makes you moody and you eat more to cheer up. Here are few home remedies to treat sleep disorder-

Drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed daily. Milk contains tryptophan, which induces sleep effects.

What you eat, affects the sleep pattern and quality. Hunger is a sleep robber. Treat it with light bedtime snack. You can also eat High GI foods in dinner. They maintain insulin levels and help you in getting asleep faster.

Drink a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile, ginger, passion flower or lemon flower. These herbal teas have sleep promotion properties. A warm cup of tea generates heat in the body and gives warmth.

Take a break from your gadgets. These are killing you. If you use mobile before sleeping, the light sends signal to mind that it is not time to sleep. You don’t feel like sleeping and use mobile again to kill boredom. Put the phone in silent mode and don’t use it one hour before going to bed.

Set a sleep schedule and go to bed at same time. Regular sleep and getting up routine will help in setting the body clock.

Maintain a sleep diary for yourself. Write everything in the dairy like at when you went to bed, what did you eat in dinner, how long it took to get sleep and how many times in the night you woke up. Do this for 15 days and try to find out a pattern for good sleep. Once the routine is setup, write down about day time activities, diet and exercise schedule as well. This way you can have complete understanding of your body reactions.

Exercise is very good for a healthy mind, soul and body. But restrict yourself from exercising before 4 hours of going to bed. Half an hour of vigorous exercise keeps your blood pressure elevated for 4 hours and you can’t sleep in this condition.

Take time to wind down the active schedule. Pack your bag, set the clothes, brush your teeth, relax in bed and read a book. This way you can prepare for sleep.

Customer’s Review for Himalaya Tagara

I am 71 year male. I am retired from govt services and at home almost all the times. I am free of all work related and other stresses. But I never used to sleep well. People told that it is due to age. Your sleep quality gets affected by growing age. When I went for annual health checkup, I discussed the same with my doctor. He prescribed me Himalaya Tagara capsules twice a day. I started taking them and after a month, my sleep quality was really improved. I want to bust a myth here that old people can’t sleep well because of age. It is an important area of concern. Enjoy the benefits of Himalaya Tagara capsules and live a happy life.

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