Dr Willmar Schwabe Alpha-MS Motion Sickness

Alpha MS Motion SicknessDr. Willmar’s Alpha-MS is one of the best homeopathic remedies for motion sickness. Effective in motion sickness treatments, it treats the problem ably and leaves no side effects. Recommended for the cure of motion sickness it is suitable for people of all age groups. Motion sickness is a very common form of disturbance of the part of the inner ear which is indirectly responsible for balance and equilibrium. Through the different pathways of the nervous system, the brain detects motion and vision and when the eyes of an individual cannot actually see the motion while the inner ear is still able to sense motion, this contradiction causes a conflict in the brain and is popularly referred to as motion sickness. Also, in a broader sense, motion sickness and sea sickness are the same.

Generally around thirty three percent of people are assumed to suffer from motion sickness under normal conditions. The main cause of motion sickness is due to conflict between the nervous system and the other systems of the body viz. ears, eyes, skin etc. Children from the age group of 3 and 12 are really susceptible to suffer from motion sickness and experience considerable amount of discomfort.

The exact cause of motion sickness is quite complicated; however there are a lot of reasons that are believed to have been the cause of this condition viz. a moving vehicle, a ship sailing in the oceans, a moving boat and etc. Basically, any unintentional movement of the body is also considered a probable cause. Sometimes, consuming healthy meals before the travel can also lead to this condition; therefore, one should prevent consuming heavy meals before travelling.

Also, there are a few common symptoms of motion sickness as well. Nausea, headache, vertigo and a general feeling of discomfort are considered as the most common symptoms. However some people might find themselves suffering from mild symptoms out of motion sickness viz. headaches, dizziness and yawning.

Nonetheless, all the symptoms can be treated with the help of natural motion sickness treatments. There are a few medicines available in the market which can easily prevent an individual from suffering through all the probable symptoms. One such homeopathic remedy for motion sickness is Dr. Willmar’s Alpha- MS motion sickness.

Travelling is a good not only for a person’s relaxation, but, also for mental and physical peace. It gives a person the much needed break from the hush rush of daily life. Travel could be just about anywhere, from a nearby hill station to a beach coast. But, there are some people unfortunately cannot enjoy travel as much as they wish they could. And, the reason behind this is motion sickness.

Motion sickness is an uneasy feeling that usually arises due to travel either by sea, car or air. No matter what the mode of transport, a person continuously gets a queasy feeling, that doesn’t let them enjoy the travel at all. Due to this a person feels light-headedness, sweating, vomiting, nausea and hyperventilation. Motion sickness also arises at other occasions, like watching a movie or walking down the escalator in a mall and so on.

This condition though does not seem to be a huge problem initially, but with time as the intensity increases the discomfort also increases. It becomes difficult to travel anywhere and a person feels sick throughout the journey. This hampers the whole trip and restricts them from accompanying their loved ones to any new destination for the purpose of travelling or to attend an occasion.

Advantages of Dr. Willmar’s Alpha-MS Motion Sickness

An individual who is susceptible to this condition can benefit himself by consuming this wonderful formulation. This formula has been approved by the medical community and is a tried and tested remedy for motion sickness. Some of the advantages of Dr. willmar’s alpha- motion sickness have been mentioned below-

  • It helps in relieving nausea and subsiding vomiting.
  • It also helps the individual to get rid of giddiness and motion sickness.
  • Also helps in treating headache and vertigo which are considered as the most familiar symptoms of motion sickness.
  • Heart burn (if present) is also moderated by its consumption.
  • Eliminates the physical and mental restlessness while inducing a healthy feeling of well-being
  • Provides relief from motion sickness
  • Cures the symptoms associated with motion sickness like nausea, hyperventilation, light-headedness, vomiting and sweating.
  • Eases headache and heals vertigo
  • Relieves heartburn and abdominal colic

Indication For The Dr. Willmar’s Alpha-Ms Motion Sickness

This medicine is indicated for the following conditions-

  1. Abdominal colic during travel
  2. Giddiness during travel
  3. Headache during travel
  4. Motion sickness
  5. Nausea during travel
  6. Travel sickness
  7. Vertigo during travel
  8. Vomiting during travel
  9. Motion sickness
  10. Vomiting and giddiness during travel
  11. Headache, vertigo and nausea during travel
  12. Abdominal colic and headache experienced during travel

Advisable Directions Dosage of Dr. Willmar’s Alpha-MS Motion Sickness

Dr. Willmar’s alpha-MS motion sickness is a complete herbal formulation and is known as one of the most effective homeopathic remedies. This product has been proven to effectively prevent motion sickness and is packed with absolutely no side-effects. This formulation has an optimal combination of the most effective herbs mixed together in a perfect mixture. This formulation is suitable for children as well and is prescribed as the best natural motion sickness treatments.

Dr. Willmar’s Alpha-MS has been used for long time as a highly effective and trusted homeopathic remedy for the treatment of motion sickness. Derived from natural ingredients, it cures travel sickness and the associated symptoms like nausea, vomiting and giddiness.

Dr. Willmar’s Alpha-MS is beneficial for both adults and children. It shows positive effects on people suffering from motion sickness, without leaving any side effects if taken regularly as advised by a physician. Following is mentioned the dosage for the medicine:

Adults: It is advised by the doctors to take 1-2 tablets daily, thrice a day. If the condition is severe, then the dosage may be increased to 1-2 tablets each day for every hour.

Children: For children who experience motion sickness during travel, it is recommended to take tablet every day at an interval of every 2 hours and subsequently when the condition improves, the dosage at be reduced to three times a day.

Curing Motion Sickness With Homeopathic Remedies

This is why it becomes all the more important to cure motion sickness, and its accompanying symptoms. There are a few simple lifestyle changes that a person can adopt to curb this issue, like avoid standing, pick a seat towards the centre of the mode of travel and make sure your face is towards the direction of the journey you are heading towards, eat less or do not eat at all while going on travel, avoid drinks or any alcohol and also try not to read anything for long.

Along with these few changes, there are other homeopathic remedies for motion sickness as well. Composed of all natural ingredients, these have no side effects nor leave any allergies. These motion sickness treatments, if clubbed along with few simple changes bring a lot of relief to those who suffer from motion sickness.

Among all those homeopathic remedies for motion sickness available in the market, Dr. Willmar’s Alpha-MS is considered as quite an effectual and safe remedy to cure motion sickness. If taken regularly in the advisable dosage, it shows great results in motion sickness treatments.

Dosage For Adults Is Mentioned Below

An adult suffering from motion sickness should consume around 1-2 to tablets every hour till the symptoms subside. After a considerable reduction in the discomfort the dosage should be reduced to 1 tablet for every 2 hours. Also, if you are sure about your motion sickness syndrome you can consume 1-2 tablets every hour as a preventive measure, three hours before the start of the journey. If complaints and discomfort do not subside, the patient should consult a doctor.

Dosage For Children

Children are to be given only half of the adult dosage to subside the symptoms. If the symptoms do not moderate with time, you should consult a physician.

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