Ponds Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Day Cream 50 gm

Ponds Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Day Cream Entering the 30s is an age period when every lady needed to take extra care about the skin as have to deal with several hormonal changes that affects the skin health so one should make changes in the skin care plan to make it look young and refreshing always. Then it is the time to dependent over the aging products so that they can fill the flaws and make it looks younger as before. From time you would have heard of anti-aging cream that helps the ladies especially who are 30 plus to get youth back to the skin and helps then manage to look around 5 years lesser than their actual age. Using Ponds age miracle daily resurfacing day cream is one of the well-known creams and after using that on regular basis you would able to see difference in your skin condition.

Titanium dioxide – One of the active ingredients of this effective anti-aging cream is Titanium Dioxide. Usually it is used in sunscreen lotions or cosmetics known to work as the protection sheet against the harmful sun rays. This can reflect UVB, UVA an UVC rays successfully. So, presence of this ingredient in cream would assure you protection from sun and the skin cancer along with premature skin aging. Isn’t it working like multiple beneficial?

Disodium EDTA – It is actually edible component and mainly used in beverages and foods for preserving and protecting from discoloration and oxidation and usage of same helps the topical penetration of active ingredients in skin care.

Rentinyl Palmitate – It is a skin conditioning agent and excellent for the people who have sensitive skin and always think a lot before choosing any of the skin care products. Ponds is a best day cream that lessens the flaking and provides suppleness to the skin cells and don’t make it look dry and patchy. It is an antioxidant too and betters the collagen creation. As result you would see less or no appearance of fine lines, crow feet and wrinkles.

How to Use- Wash your face and pat dry that using a soft towel. Now, apply that Ponds age miracle cream all over your face and neck area. You can specially use that 30 minutes before getting out under sun. Using the same for twice a day would be great option.

What Skin Care routine should follow when you are 25 plus –

Every lady who loves her skin and cares for her appearance follows the skin care routine on regular basis because it is necessary to maintain the health of skin and keep it flawless. To keep the moisture and health of the skin at its place you should follow the simple rule cleanse tone and moisturize.

Therapeutic Benefits of Ponds Age Miracle cream –

Ponds age miracle is best day cream as it has SPF 15 PA++. So, not only it would fight with aging issue but additionally you would get a protection layer from the harmful rays of sun that can also be responsible to making your skin harm. This is perfect option for those who have either no time or hate to apply layer of moisture and then sunscreen because this double beneficial would does the task for you.

Benefits- Ponds age Miracle cream has contained with elements which contained power to make you look 5- 7 years younger that your original age. Application of same on daily basis would give moisture to skin and also on the same time it proves a protection sheet from sun’s harmful rays.

Remedies for Wrinkle Free skin Cucumber –

Cucumber is considered a cooling agent and on the same time it is great for those looking for wrinkle free skin. To try that you need to first cleanse your skin and then apply some fresh cucumber juice all over the face and neck area then after 15 minutes wash with water. Doing once a day for continuous 15 days would make less visible to wrinkles along with dark circles under eyes.

Egg white- To keep skin looking younger it would be great to use best day cream but to give it more power you should lay your hands on egg whites. First separate the egg yolk and give a nice stir to the egg white. Now, using a soft brush apply the egg white all over your face and allow that to dry completely which would take around 20-25 minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly using lukewarm water.

Keep an eye over your Diet –

There is some of the super foods known that helps in keeping your skin healthy and make you look younger. Wild salmon and other cold water fishes named herring, sardines, trout etc. are healthy source of protein which is needed for making repair and maintenance work done for body and so for the skin as well. So, would make your skin supple, radiant and wrinkle free. Olive is source of fats in your diet so that would absorb nutrients that make the skin glowing. Turmeric and watercress have anti-inflammatory properties and purifies the blood so keep the skin away from all problems including pimples, blemishes, eczema, rashes and skin eruptions as well. Blueberries save the skin from premature aging and damage of cell from DNA damage. Cantaloupe is contained with Vitamin C, all carotenoids specially Beta-carotene and Vitamin A that is known for skin hydrations. So, try to incorporate them in your diet.

Customer’s review for Ponds age Miracle daily resurfacing cream-

When I stepped up in my 30s then I found some of the skin problems attacking me very often. Like, due to change in weather I found red colors rashes over cheeks and other problems. I have heart of many anti-aging creams but feel confused what to choose and what not to use. Then one of my friends suggested me to use Ponds age miracle daily resurfacing cream. With using the same for continuous 3 months I have got soft and problem free skin. Now, people can’t make a guess of my right age and that is all because of ponds creams. Thanks a lot for that.

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