Divya Madhukalap Vati – Natural Remedy For Diabetes

divya madhukalap vatiDivya madhukalap vati helps in blood sugar control and beta cells regeneration. It is a ayurvedic mixture of more than thirty herbs, minerals, etc. It is very gentle on the body and offers secured Glycemic control. It is also called diabetes natural cure. It helps in utilizing the excess glucose in the body and assists in the maintenance of the glucose levels. The triglycerides in the body are also kept healthy with this multipurpose capsule. It makes the pancreas function in a healthy fashion and also helps in the promotion of the regeneration of the beta cells. Producing insulin is the major task of pancreatic support and that too in sufficient quantity. This helps in maintaining stable glucose levels in the body. Insulin is produced by the beta cell which is present in pancreas.

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Health Benefits Of Divya Madhukalap Vati

There are a number of benefits you may realise from the dosage of Divya Madhukalap Vati. Some of them have been summarised below:

  • Fights diabetes – this medicine increases the secretion of insulin in human body which ultimately helps in blood sugar control. Glycated Hemoglobin, which is also a type of haemoglobin present in the body, gets reduced that in turn, normalises the micro albuminuria. Micro albuminuria is a situation which is a necessary prognostic indicator for the diseases of kidney in mellitus diabetes.
  • Beta cells regeneration – vati works quite well in the regeneration of the beta cells. A good count of beta cells is very important in the body to keep the balance of the body in control. Thus, with the help of vati, this count can be increased with regular dosage.
  • Apart from these two major benefits of vati, there are a number of other benefits also which can be realised with the dosage of vati such as, promotion of the utilization of glucose in the body, assists in the healthy working of cells pancreas, supports the regular metabolism lipid, reduces Oxidative stress, helps in the protection of the eye lens, etc.

Indication Of Divya Madhukalap Vati

The dosage of the vati or natural remedy for diabetes is given for:

  1. Diabetes Mellitus which is not dependent on the insulin. It is of type 2 or NIDDM. It can be given as Monotherapy as well as an Adjuvant for other drugs for as Oral Antibiotic.
  2. NIDDM which indicate the signs as well symptoms of Hyperlipidemia.
  3. NIDDM which has an early and active retinopathy.
  4. NIDDM which has microalbuminuria.
  5. Diabetes Mellitus which is dependent on insulin and is of type 1 as a Adjuvant.
  6. It is of lot of help in pancreatic support also.

Precautions For Divya Madhukalap Vati

There are no known side effects of vati but some precautions are must while taking the dosage of this natural remedy for diabetes. First of all you should a good diet along with the dosage. Taking your meals on time is also very important. Also, a lot of liquid intake should be done in order to maintain the level of water in the body.

Dosage For Divya Madhukalap Vati

1 to 2 tablets twice a day. This medicine should be taken as per the doctor’s prescription that will be able to exactly understand the conditions of the body. Accordingly the physician will prescribe the dosage of this diabetes natural cure.

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