Himani Navratna Oil

Himani Navaratan OilFor hair loss, head ache, Relieves headache, headache relief hair oil. Himani Navratan Oil is natural oil which is not specified for any problem regarding body or hair but it provides beauty nourishments. This is the result of rare 9 Ayurvedic herbs and these herbs has cooling effect and it gives you mental and physical relief from stress, tension, insomnia, headache, fatigue, body aches etc. after using this you will get rejuvenation in your mind as well as body. Along with that it stops hair loss.


It contains amla which is gives way to proper hair growth and keeps away dandruff and other hair problems. Japa Pushpa which is effective ingredient of product promotes hair growth and if you are suffering from baldness then must try it. Another one is bhringraj which is helpful to lessen hair fall and cures alopecia. Pudia ka phool cures headaches, kshir kakoli cools the head, kunch prevents premature hair fall and also work wonder for skin problems too. Sailaja and lata kasturi keeps the head cool.

Benefits of Himani Navratan Oil

Himani Navratan oil is helpful to keep head cool and provides you sound sleep. It also relieves headaches, prevents hair loss and gives you sound memory. As it is herbal product so can also be applied over minor cuts and burns and it remove tiredness. After taking massage with oil you will get tone up body muscles. It is a stress buster too. It is known as refreshing body massage oil. The cost of oil is so affordable and so can be in reach of any person.

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Therapeutic Uses

This a multifunction hair oil created by blending some herbs and can effectively cure headaches, hair problems. It soothes your mind too and keeps you away from insomnia. As it is wonderful massage oil and in case you are suffering from any kind of muscle aches or sprains then also you can massage the area with that. The oil has menthol smell and you can feel that ingredient when you use it. The list of ingredient in the product is natural herbs and is free from biochemical or chemical harm to anybody.

How to Use it and how long to use it

Himani Navratan Oil is dark red in color and also quite greasy. So, take some in your hand and apply to the area where you want to massage. Then with slow hands massage the area in circular motion till the oil absorbs. You will have a tingling and cooling sensation too. This feeling even stays for long and you get relax. Also, the oil has strong fragrance and if applied overhead then makes the hair sticky. So, you can apply that at night and wash the head next morning. It is nourishment for both hair and scalp. As oil is free from side effects, so can be used regularly without any hesitation.

Diet Recommendations

Whenever you start to have a new diet it just assures you to provide good health and flatter abs but the truth is beyond this because the perfect diet for anybody is balanced diet. Balanced diet means a diet having right amount of calories to provide energy and maintain the system of the body too. For any of the perfect diet there are somebasic rules and these are: don’t skip your breakfast which most of the people do. You need to understand the fact that it is the most important meal of the day as you are going to have anything after a long break of 8-10 hours. Have three meals a day as having less will affect your metabolism. The thing you have to do is to look what amount of calories you are taking in and try to keep them less. That’s it!

Life Style Change Recommendations

Making few adjustments to your lifestyle will help to live a healthy life, less stress and improve the quality of life too. You need to make some desirable changes to your diet too as are helpful to improve your health. Try to add fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can start slowly and make efforts to make your condition improved. For that you can maintain a food chart so that it would help you to keep you away from bad dietary habits. Water is ultimate health beverages. You have to drink good amount of water daily and it should be 8-10 glasses. It keeps hydrated and also flushes out extra toxins from the body. It keeps the skin healthy too.

Exercise is very important for body maintenance. Try doing some of them couple of times a week. To get which one is best for you, you need to consult your physician. Healthy sleep is must for healthy body. It is must for body to take proper rest as proves helpful for mind functioning. Even you are not sleepy but take 8 hours sleep daily for your mind and body too.


Keep yourself away from alcohol and if you can’t do that then at least limit down the intake of it. It put bad effects over kidney, liver and heart too. On the other hand, smokers should try to make a sincere effort to quit this bad habit. If you leave it then will get double benefit as improved health and less pressure on pocket.

What’s the Concept behind Himani Navratan Oil

This oil was created for doing multifunction. We have so many medicines, oils and other alternatives available which can provide help in just one way but this oil has multiple benefits. It can be massage oil for painful joints and also massage oil for hair. It has soothing effect and also makes you free from dandruff.

What Are Customer’s Review about Himani Navratan Oil

I just love this oil and I have been using this since 10 years. It helps me to provide sound sleep as it relaxes my mind. Headaches, tiredness is far away from me. It makes my hair texture too good. My skin is very sensitive and I usually afraid of being using some product but this is chemical free product and so that I am using it from year and suggesting tis to my friends too…Robinson Mashih(USA)

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