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vasakaThe Vasaka is a well-known name in the biosphere of Ayurveda and a popular effective remedy for cold and cough. It is a natural Ayurvedic approach for respiratory care to provide relief to the victims of asthma and cough. Essential ingredient that use to make this remedy is Vasaka or Adhatoda which is a plant having long dark green leaves with a very hostile smell that stop animals to eat the plant. Vasaka contains the pyrroquinazoline alkaloids along with vasicine, visacol and vasinone and many other minor elements. Vasicine and Vasinone are the chief bioactive ingredients that contain bronchodilators and antitussive chattels and the alkaloids of this plant work as a guard against allergies and chest blocks. The leaves, fruit, flowers and roots of the plant are essential ingredients used for bronchial asthma treatment and our Ayurveda experts mould all this in an easily accessible form called capsules that is a perfect blend of all these ingredients and provide relief to the patients of Asthma.

Benefits of Taking Vasaka

  • It is an effective remedy to treat cough and cold whether seasonal or allergic.
  • It helps to relieve from cough (Phlegm) and provide liberation by deliquescing the thick cough.
  • It supports and promotes an upper breathing system.
  • It helps to sustain prime bronchial efficiency.
  • It provides better support to the respiratory function.
  • It helps to improve the immune system.

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Cough may occur with many causes such as it can be genetic, allergic, and seasonal or due to some diseases like TB, which may become a cause of serious asthma that that may block the chest or lungs and can become an obstacle in normal breathing for what several antibiotics are available, but for temporary relief only and may provide another side-effects as a cost of temporary relief, but Vasaka aid to kill the root and provide benefit for a long term without any side-effect to the internal system of the body.

Advantages of This Ayurvedic Approach

  1. People having thick cough can take this medicine to treat it in a proper manner.
  2. This Ayurvedic approach makes it possible to take this virtuous herb in a convenient form as all essential herbs are easily accessible through these capsules and each capsule contain 250g of the vasaka extract.
  3. Don’t provide any side-effect to the internal or external system of human body as this plant is especially used to treat kapha and asthma and is 100% natural.
  4. Asthma patients can get long term relief through this Ayurvedic medicine in order to take a relaxed breath.
  5. It is a pure blend of natural herbs that contain countless benefits to treat coughing.

Indications For Vasaka

  • Patients having a productive cough can take this medicine to stop its creation inside the body, because this medicine catches the essence of this disease.
  • If bronchitis, a respiratory disease is coating tissue in your lungs, then taking this medicine may help you to diminish the cause.
  • It is especially recommended to the people suffer from bronchial asthma, which is a common problem that people can easily catch due to allergy or season and this medicine aid to get long term relief from asthma.
  • Also can be taken in casual Cough and cold to provide a quick relief.

Directions for Taking Vasaka Capsules

  • One can take this capsule with water or milk, just as any other medicine or as their doctor applaud. Along with taking this medicine one should also take care of their diet and should avoid the food that enhances their coughing or increase the chances of asthma attacks.
  • It is also suggested to keep yourself warm and avoid cold water, especially in the season of winters.
Dosage Required Per Day Of Vasaka

One capsule twice a day or as your doctor or physician suggests

Note:It is recommended that avoid giving these capsules to the children of below 14 years. It may be difficult for them to gulp these capsules.

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