SBL Homeopathy’s Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drops

Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye DropsCataract is one of the most common problems with old and mid aged people these days. Smoking, drinking alcohol, aging, and environment pollution, excess strain on eyes, poor nutrition, hypertension and diabetes are few reasons for cataract development. Cataract symptoms are decrease in vision due to clouding of lens inside the eyes. It can be discovered in routine eye checkup. Central council for research in homeopathy has mentioned the use of Cineraria Maritima in treating early stages of cataract. SBL Homepathy’s Cineraria Maritima 10% eye drops is a blend of homeopathic therapeutics which controls the development of cataract. Cataract can only be treated with surgery. It cannot be totally cured by any medicine. Medicines are given after surgery to prevent the further formation. Regular use of SBL Homeopathy Cineraria Maritima 10% eye drops improve the vision and treats redness of eyes.

This is a blend of homeopathic therapeutics which are well known for cataract treatment. It gives relief from redness in eyes. Various research methods prove that it can be used to avoid cataract formation.
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Benefits of Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops

  1. It gives immediate relief from pain.
  2. It treats redness of eyes.
  3. It is used in treatment of cataract.
  4. It soothes the eyes and helps in preventing formation of pigments.

Therapeutic Uses Of Cineraria 10% Eye Drops

Cataract gets thicker day by day. As it is painless, the patients may not be aware of its progression. Blurry vision, redness in eyes and swelling in lens fibres are few of the cataract syptopms.SBL Homeopathy Cineraria Maritima 10% eye drops are used by cataract patients to reduce redness in eyes and stopping cataract formation. It can be used before or after surgery in cataract treatment.

Ingredients of Homeopathic Eye Drops

Cineraria maritime, Sodium methyl hydroxybenzoate, Isotonic solution of sodium chloride, Glycerinum

Indication for Homeopathic Eye Drops

  • Cataract (clouding of eye lens)
  • Redness of eyes
  • Blurriness in vision
  • Reduction in lens opacity
  • Formation of yellow brown pigments in eyes
  • Difficulty in recognizing change in contrast and colors
  • Facing glares in bright lights
  • Swelling in lens fibers
How to Use Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drops

Use 2 drops in both the eyes, 3 times a day for 1-2 months. Consult your doctor for continued use.

Diet Recommendations
  • Eat nutritious diet to keep the eyes healthy and strong.
  • Eat bell and hot peppers, potatoes, cabbage, berries and melon for healthy eyes.
  • Carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes and melons with orange flesh have beta-carotene which fights free radicals. Eat these to fight against cell damage.
  • All berries have flavonoids which puts a stop to free radical damage. Eat berries to improve vision.
  • Eat garden products which are rich in antioxidants to put a stop on cataract symptoms.
  • In addition to antioxidants and flavonoids, minerals like zinc are also required for healthy eyes.


Various surveys show that eyes are one of the five senses which people fear of losing the most. Cataract is one of the most common reasons of blindness in the world. There is no scientifically proven method which shows that if you quit smoking or don’t use alcohol then you may see a rapid decease in development of cataract. Although these are one of the contributors in development of cataract. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Wear Ultra violet protecting sunglasses to slow down the progress. Avoid frequent x-rays. This leads to development of chemical reactive fragments in eyes. These fragments are responsible for cataract formation. Use adequate lighting in the house to keep your eyes stress free while working.

Side Effects of homeopathic eye drops

SBL Homeopathy Cineraria Maritima 10% eye drops is isotonic as well as non-irritant in nature. It is safe for use without any side effects. If you encounter any type of irritation in eyes, please consult your doctor.

Home Remedies for cataract

Take a cup of rose petals, 4 cups of boiling water and 4 tablespoons of raspberry leaves. Mix all these ingredients and let them rest for atleast 30 minutes. Strain this mixture and use this as an eyewash. It works best for tired and restless eyes.

Eyebright herb is very helpful in preventing formation of cataract. Its drops can be used internally.

Add half teaspoon of triphala powder to half cup of boiling water. Do not stir it. Let it rest till the temperature comes down to room temperature. Dip the cotton pad in that mixture and squeeze the excess water out. Lie down and put the wet cotton pad on one eye and close the eyes for 15 minutes. Repeat the same for other eye. Rest for at least 30 minutes before doing any other work. This will strengthen your eyes and improve the vision. It also treats redness of eyes. You can feel some itching for first time. It is normal. But if it persists after a week’s treatment, do not use this.

Broccoli, spinach and lutein has features to reverse the effects of cataract due to the presence of antioxidants in them. Include this to your diet for healthy eyes.

Add vitamin A rich foods to your diet. Vitamin A is essential for a healthy vision.
Eat green vegetables and Vitamin C rich fruit like blueberries, cherries, blackberries and oranges. They help in treating cataract.

Limit the intake of dairy products. They produce lens damaging free radicals which are harmful for eyes.

Bilberries re rich in anthocyanidins which helps fighting free radicals. It protects lens as well as retina. It also controls blood sugar.

Products that contain soluble fiber are good for diabetic patients as well as cataract patients. These include apricot, apple, citrus fruit, squash, berries and oats. Include these to your diet.

Buy SBL Homeopathy Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drops (10 ml)

1 Pack $12.00 Free Shipping

2 Pack $22.00 Free Shipping

3 Pack $33.00 Free Shipping

5 Pack + 1 Pack Free $54.00 Free Shipping

Customer’s Review for SBL Homeopathy Cineraria Maritima 10% eye drops

My mother is 55 years old and she was diagnosed with a cataract in her left eye two months back. We were very worried because her left eye was always red and she used to complain of swirls and blurry vision. We consulted physician and got an appointment for a surgery. Meanwhile she started using SBL Homeopathy’s Cineraria Maritima 10% eye drops. You can’t even imagine the miraclacious effects of these drops. Her vision has improved a lot. There is no redness in eye. I would definitely recommend these eye drops and would give a 5/5 rating…Melinda Brooks (Canada)

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