Confido For Premature Ejaculation & Male Confidence

Treatment Of Premature EjaculationFor Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation, causes of premature ejaculation, prevent premature ejaculation, Male confidence.  Himalaya Confido is a good for treatment of premature ejaculation as well as the causes of premature ejaculation. The medicine can be used to prevent premature ejaculation boosting the male confidence and boosting the immune system. It does inhibits the premature ejaculation and serves as the cure for erectile dysfunction. Himalaya Confido is a non-hormonal therapy and it acts over the brain’s emotions and also over the sexual organs indirectly as well as directly. It directly attacks over the causes of premature ejaculation and maintains the normal sperm production. There are several sexual dysfunctions that can adversely affect the sex life of a man. It can decrease the sexual satisfaction for the men dealing with it and their partners. Due to this every time on bed, the men get unsatisfactory results. Premature ejaculation is common and deals with having an orgasm early than wanted. The process of premature ejaculation can be controlled through a product of Himalaya Drug Company.
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Himalaya Confido is a great, safe and ayurvedic formulation medicine. The product acts on the higher centers of emotions that are directly or indirectly linked to the sex organs. The therapy used for reducing the symptoms is non-hormonal and provides strength. Acting on the emotions of the brain, it maintains the sperm production by acting on the reproduction system. It does treat other conditions and helping the person to get help they want.

Ingredients Of Confido

The main ingredients of the products are lettuce/ vanya kahu, salep orchid/ salabmisri, hygrophila/kokilaksha, jeevanti (leptadenia reticulate), cow- itch plant/ kapikachchhu, Suvarnavang (mosaic gold), stone flowers/shaileyam (parmelia perlata), elephant creeper/ vriddadaru (argyreia speciosa syn. A. nervosa), Sarpagandha (rauwolfia serpentine) and small caltrops/gokshura(tribulus terrestris).

Benefits of Confido

Confido actually very safe Ayurveda formulation and is wonderful treatment of premature ejaculation as it acts over sexual organs. It helps to lessen anxiety and give peace to you. It inhibits nocturnal emission. This is the good way to manage the male’s sexual dysfunction which occurs due to inadequate circulation of testosterone levels. Because it has androgenic properties so the Himalaya confido is helpful to increase sperm count and levels of testosterone. It also fights with erectile dysfunction. When you started using it on regular basis then it regulates ejaculation by neuroendocrine route. It is able to treat impotence and debilities of seminal, provides better sexual drive and relieves anxiety which is connected with sexual performance.

From all the ingredients gokshura is an aphrodisiac and helps to boost semen count and enhances libido. By giving strength to penile tissue, it proves beneficial to herbis. Small caltrops also have protodioscin helps to improve the flow mediated vasodilation of penile arteries. Saleb orchid also an aphrodisiac and it helps to enhance sexual drive as well as desire. It increases the male confidence and helps to make better performance in bed.

  • The product can increase the level of the dopamine in the brain giving out the best in bed.
  • Any sort of peristaltic movements are lowered in the body.
  • The level of anxiety in the body is lessen for giving peace to the mind and inhibits nocturnal emission.
  • It serves as a good way to manage the sexual dysfunction in the male reproduction system.
  • Confido tablets are safe to use and come with the ability to increase the sperm count.
  • The level of testosterone is maintained in the body and avoids its inadequate circulation in the body.
  • The medicine comes with the ability to treat impotence and seminal debilities.
  • The tablets enhance the growth of specific immune response and suppressing the depression.
  • Libido is increased by a large number in the body.
  • Better ejaculation patterns are functioned through the neuro-endocrine route for promoting perfect erection.
  • It can increase the male confidence and helping to give a better performance in bed.

The product comes from Himalaya Drug Company’s herbal offering and is endorsed by doctors worldwide due to its widespread benefits. These tablets are used by people in over 60 countries. Each product contains 60 tablets and every batch is standardized and researched to ensure its quality. Himalaya works best in the customer and to ensure that the demands of the people are met by the product. The product has no side effects and can be taken by all.
In the packaging, it is advisable to take one tablet an hour before going to bed. It can be taken with water and milk. The tablets can be accessed until the person encounters better confidence and sexual health. Any fluctuations in the dosage must be done after consulting a physician.

Direction of usage and how long to take Confido

You are suggested to take 1 tablet at least 1 hour before bedtime. You can have it until you see the better results like better male confidence and sexual health.

Therapeutic Uses Of Confido

This is a well-known product by Himalaya Herbals. The product is clinically researched and so you should not be worry of the quality of this. Even some of the clinical trials have done over this and assures you about its consistent performance and quality.

Diet Recommendations

Diet plays important role to provide healthy or unhealthy body to one. It is also said you look what you eat. Same statement applies over the sexual health as here given is the list of foods which help you to prevent premature ejaculation. Some of them are dried dates, blueberry, garlic, asparagus, dry cereal, almonds, carrots, saffron, boiled eggs, ginger, pistachio, onion, banana, celery, fennel, oats and chamomile tea. Actually the list is very big but you can get maximum benefits by adding some of them in your daily diet.

Lifestyle change Recommendations

It is the habit of most of the people that they squeeze and it helps to fight with ejaculation problem. At the time of intercourse when there is strong sensation of ejaculation, you have to squeeze the tips of penis. You can continue this till you want to ejaculate. You can even control your ejaculation by changing the position, if woman is on the top then it helps the man to control ejaculation. Stress is major cause of the same. So, you have to relax yourself. You can even meditate for relaxation.

Home remedies

You can take a glass of milk and put a small cube of ginger in it with a spoon full of honey. If you are drinking this concoction on daily basis then it can proved one of the best remedies. You can take a diet having ginger, fish, onion, lettuce and shellfish in it and it can boost the sexual drive. Some natural aphrodisiacs like fennel, celery, onion and banana can make you able to control ejaculation. Saffron is another remedy which can improve libido. You can use it in your daily diet to avoid the situation.

Garlic is also very much effective remedy for same. You are suggested to eat 2-3 raw cloves on daily basis. Its juice is a good tonic too. White onions are helpful to give power to the reproductive organs and having them on regular basis will give you benefit. Tale 10 almonds and soak them in water and leave for overnight. Next morning peel off the skin and grind them in a blender with a cup of cow’s milk and a pinch of each of the element named saffron, ginger and cardamom. You can drink this milk on every morning. It is considered one of the best remedies.


Excessive drinking and smoking habit is what that invites the problem of early ejaculation. So for better health you have to immediately stop using cigarettes and alcohol. Stress is not great for sexual health. You have to practice meditation to lessen stress. Try to maintain positivity around you and always think positive. Doing breathing exercises on daily basis also helps you to get rid of anxiety and stress.

What’s the Concept Behind The Product Confido

Ayurveda is serving so many people from millions of years around the world. Even this brings revolution in the world of medicine. Today most of the people are using ayurvedic medicines because these are less costly and effective as compared to other medicines. This product is created to solve the sexual issue especially premature ejaculation. If you are taking this on regular basis then definitely you will get benefits and live a sexually satisfied life.

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What are Customer’s Reviews about Himalaya Confido?

Confido is created with the combination of some rare as well as effective herbs. My friend suggested me to use the same as I was not able to control my ejaculation and this was creating a wall between me and my wife. When I started using the same I found it is effective even after 4-5 weeks. Not only this, even I found myself sexually strong. It also fights with stress, strain and anxiety. Also, it is free from side effects. I suggested every man who is not able to perform better should use it…David(USA)

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