Dabur Trifgol – Best Colon Cleanser

Dabur TrifgolDabur trifgol is an isabgol based natural fiber laxative. The good thing is that the product has contains the goodness of Triphala. Triphala is the combination of three herbs (amlaki, haritaki and vibheetaki). Along with wonderful laxative effect it also provides other benefits to the body. It is also known as best colon cleanser.

Health benefits

One may have suffer from constipation problems in his life definitely. If it is just constipation then no problem but if you have suffered from the severe one then it can make your life miserable. For them each and every bowel movement is a big relief. It is true that the occasional bowel movement can be treated or avoided by taking proper diet, regular exercise as bad diet, lack of exercise, stress and lesser intake of drinks is responsible for your condition. But if the condition is abrasive then you will require constipation treatment.
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Dietary changes required

You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout a day. Now, you would question why this much amount of water is needed for better bowel movements then the answer is food ground up in your stomach and goes liquid form into the small intestine. Here the nutrients are removed. Then after it goes to colon and water is removed from stool and if there is lack of water then it would be hard to pass stool which would become constipation problems. Along with that you needed good amount of fiber in your diet. The best sources of the same are ground flax seeds and oat bran. It can be taken along with hot cereals and muffins. Eat raw fruits with skin and vegetables too for taking added amount of dietary fiber.


The each 100gm of the product contains triphala powder and isabgol powder. Isabgol contains hypocholesterolamic effects. It is also helpful in curing ulcerative effects and increases the stool weight too. The another ingredient named triphala is combination of haritaki which is helpful increasing the cardiac input and the force of contraction but when doing the same it don’t increase the rate of heart. It also lessens the emptying of gastric and shows prokinetic effects on the motility of intestines. It also has cytoprotective activity which is able to inhibit the growth of duodenal ulcer.

Another herb which is essential part of triphala is vibheetaki and it contains antibacterial activity against E coli. It avoids fatty liver and gives hepatoprotective activity. It also stimulates the bile secretion. So, is the reason the product is perfect to avoid constipation problems. Last but not least is amlaki which shows antioxidant activity. It also has hepatoprotective activity. It is helpful way to lower down the lipid and gives anti-atherosclerotic activity.

Direction for use of Dabur Trifgol and how long to take it
You are suggested to mix a spoonful of powder in a glass of water. Now, have this mixture at night before going to bed. It would help to relief constipated bowel movements next morning. As the product is herbal based so, there is no problem in taking that for longer time as in case you have got relief from constipation then also you can continue taking the same for better bowel movements. It works like a natural remedy for constipation.

Therapeutic Benefits
The product is helpful way to treat diverticular diseases. It works effectively in case there is presence of fecal incontinence. It is an amazing constipation treatment and solves irritable bowel movements (IBS). It is wonderful way to treat piles/ hemorrhoids and impaired liver functions. It treats hyperlipidemia, ulcerative colitis and duodenal ulcer. For those who are non- insulin dependent with or even without hypercholesteromia can also take benefit from the same.

To avoid the situation changes to worst one you need to lessen the sugary foods. Also maintain distance from processed foods. Fast foods and deep fried foods can also gives way to health issues.

Lifestyle changes needed

Constipation is known as infrequent bowel movements or difficulty is passing stools. The condition can take place when the person used to do lesser exercise. Exercising is helpful idea to lessen the time, food takes to move through the large intestine. Aerobics exercises are good way to accelerate the heart rate and breathing. It is also helpful for stimulation of natural contraction of intestinal muscles. They contract effectively helpful by moving the stool quickly. To do any of the exercise you have to wait for an hour after having big meal. Reason is when you eat food, the blood flow increases to the stomach and intestine and helps the body for better digestion of food. But if you started doing exercising then it starts the blood flow towards the heart and muscles and which is not a good idea for digestion. This is what which gives way to gas, bloating and constipation. Doing right amount of exercising can be proves best constipation treatment.

Home Remedies

Natural remedy for constipation is the healthiest idea to remove bowel problems. For the purpose you have half glass of fresh fig juice and mix same amount of prune juice to it. You need to drink juice first in morning with empty stomach. It is a best colon cleanser as keeps the constipation problem away. You can also take a fresh apple, peel it and boil the pieces of apple in ½ cup of water. Then mash the pieces well. If you take that natural remedy for constipation with empty stomach then would get amazing results.

Buy Trifgol (100 gm)

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Customer’s Review about Dabur Trifgol
I am a 25 years old man. It was very difficult to pass stool for me 2 months before. Even the thought of passing stool makes me feel very bad as the whole process is very painful. Then one of my office colleagues told me to use dabur Trifgol. I immediately started using the same. Even after using the same for 2-3 weeks if found betterment in my condition. Now, I have got relief from constipation as it is one of the best colon cleansers. I really want to thank the product for saving me from that embarrassing as well as painful situation. It also makes me free from some other stomach problems…Tiago Matias (Brazil)

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