Dabur Glucon-D Energy Drink

dabur glucon d energy drinkPlaying for long hours under sun, or walking under scorching heat, is enough to drain energy out from your body. You feel tired, and thirsty. Substitute plain water with Dabur Glucon-D, an energy drink for all ages. It helps in jump starting your day by filling you with excessive energy. It is a perfect compilation of Calcium and Vitamin D, which helps in easy assimilation and quick replenishment. A quick drink of this energy supplement will instantly charge your body with essential minerals, vitamins and body salts.

Available in some amazing flavors, dabur glucose d nutrition facts are on the higher scale. This drink is available in natural flavor, tangy orange, nimbu pani and in sweet and sour aam panna flavors. It recharges your body instantly, from the first sip. Apart from helping in quick recovery, this drink provides essential nutrients for refreshing and energizing you to fight tiredness. This drink is perfect for children, who just came back home after a round of playing.

Dabur Glucon-D Energy Drink 266 gm

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Benefits to look for

What are the significant benefits, which make Glucon-D the best energy drink in all families? Even though, you cannot deny the importance of dabur glucose d nutrition facts but there are more to it.

  • It is your instant energy booster. It comprises of 99.4% glucose, which helps in energizing your body instantly. It further helps in fulfilling your body’s energy requirements.
  • The product is designed to cools down your body. As it is vital to keep body temperature low during summer months, therefore; this drink is just perfect.
  • It definitely works to make you healthier. It comprises of glucose and sugar, which increases your calorie intake. If you want to stay fit, this drink is just perfect for you.
  • Glucon-D is perfect for dehydration. Staying under sun for long hours dehydrates your body, and you feel fatigue. For such people, Glucon D is just perfect. It dissolves into your body quickly, and prevents it from getting dehydrated.

Perfect time to have it

Apart from dabur glucose d benefits, you must gain information on perfect time to have this drink. Do not have it during night times. It is preferable to gulp it down, after you come back home in the morning. It is best suitable when you were out all morning, and came back home in the noon. It is best for the children to have it after school hours, or after coming back from the ground.

Ways to have it

There are few simple steps used for having this energy drink. The points are listed below:

  1. Fill up a glass with water first. It is preferable to use slight cold water, even though room temperature will work just fine.
  2. Add two tablespoon full of this powder into the water.
  3. Mix it well with spoon to avoid any formation of lump.
  4. Drink it like any normal drink.

As you have so many flavors of Glucon-D, therefore; it will not be difficult for you to make some other choices, other than the natural flavor. Have it twice daily, to stay fit and healthy during summer months.

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