MDH Dalmakhani Masala Spices Blend For Black Lentil (Urad whole)

MDH Dalmakhani MasalaMDH DalMakhani Masala is a spice blend for black lentil masala which can be used by consumers while cooking food. The masala is prepared using some spices and natural food which includes coriander, red chili, dry mango and ginger and other ingredients which can add taste and spice to the masala. While preparing food, all users have to do is keep following the directions and thus prepare some of the most amazing food.

Benefits of Dalmakhani masala

There are so many benefits of consuming Dal Makhani masala. It contains a nice blend of black lentil masala which has no toxic effects on your health. Instead, it has so many benefits as described below.

  • Black lentils should be included in your regular diet because it can help protect you from bad cholesterol. It can lower the cholesterol levels and even helps in ensuring health of heart.
  • It can help you against stomach problems as well.
  • The mixture of powder also has several healing properties which make it as one of the best available products in the market and there is no side effect of usage of this product.

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Indications Of Dalmakhni Masala

The product is available for customers in the local market as well as online. It helps in adding spicy taste to your prepared Dal Makhani. The Dal Makhani can be easily prepared at your home while ensuring that below steps should be followed.

  1. Ensure that the masala pack should be kept at clean, dry and cool place.
  2. Once the pack is opened, ensure that you transfer the ingredients of all the pack inside a container which can be kept under airtight condition for longer usage.
  3. Make sure that you use dry spoon before you take the powder out of the pack. Moisture inside the pack can affect its quality and consumption.
  4. Once the pack is opened, it should be consumed within certain time duration. Ensure its usage.

Directions of using Dal Makhani Spice

Consumers can use Dal Makhani Spice masala even in any Dal or curry which you are making. It can enhance taste of your Dal Makhani. Below are the directions of its usage.

  • Prepare Dal Makhani at your home using the specific recipe. In order to prepare Dal Makhani with masala, you need to first soak Black lentils and Red Kidneys overnight.
  • Make sure that you prepare it in a deep pan and according add some water as per the quality of Black Lentils and Red Kidneys. Cook it with Onions and tomato puree for some time and then add some cream or butter in it.
  • Add MDH Dal Makhani spice Masala inside the prepared Dal Makhani as per your taste.
  • You can add other type of vegetable mixing along with the masala taste.
  • Mix it for some time and then let it settle.
  • Serve the new Dal Makhani along with masala and enjoy this as your main course.

Buy MDH Dalmakhani Masala 100 gm

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Dosage of Dal Makhani Spice

Customers can use the product as per their taste and preference.

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